• George Kirby - world's oldest groom

“You can’t hurry love” – says the world’s oldest groom!

Of all the excuses a man might use to delay popping the question, George Kirby’s has to be up there with the most original.

“I didn’t get down on one knee because I don’t think I’d have been able to get back up,” the gent told The Telegraph, being interviewed by the newspaper following his engagement after nearly thirty years of dating!

But the lengthy courting phase wasn’t the only reason George made the headlines – at 103 he is officially Britain’s oldest groom, and between him and his fiancée Doreen Luckie, the newlyweds-to-be have a combined 194 years, seven children, 15 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren!

It was pressure from their adult children that finally saw the couple become betrothed – on Valentine’s Day 2015 no less. When they marry on June 13th 2015 (George’s birthday) they’ll set a Guinness World Record for the oldest couple to marry.

The pair met in 1988 through an organisation which helps seniors meet and socialise, and have ever since been “living in sin” as they say, in George’s son’s Eastbourne hotel.

The newspapers aren’t the only ones reporting on the exceptional couple’s impending nuptials. George is active on Facebook and shares all the latest on the media coverage and the looming big day in a series of cheeky posts…

World's oldest groom George Kirby on Facebook


"ITV’s Good morning Britain breakfast programme want to come and film the wedding and then to interview me and Doreen live on Monday 15th June. As I don’t get up until after midday, they’ll have to come and interview us in bed if they want us."






World's oldest groom George Kirby on Facebook

"David Cameron says he can’t come to our wedding as the Prime Minister always has to be at Trooping the Colour. You’d think the Queen might have consulted us before having her official birthday on the same day as mine…."









World's oldest groom George Kirby on Facebook


"Oh, good lord, we're on the front page of the Daily Mirror now. First time I've been underneath Amanda Holden...."








World's oldest groom George Kirby on Facebook


"I don’t even know which country is talking about us now!"





World's oldest groom George Kirby on Facebook


"I think I’m ready for the wedding now…."







World's oldest groom George Kirby on Facebook


"Only TWO weeks to go ….. Doreen has opted for pink bows, but you get the idea…"

Spark Of Love would like to wish George and Doreen a very happy wedding day on 13th June 2015 and a very happy future as man and wife!

Image: © George Kirby on Facebook







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