World's Most Expensive Weddings

  • November 06, 2013|

  • Christine

So, you think your wedding is going to be an expensive do? In terms of what is going on in today‘s world then it probably will be an extravagant affair, for something is essentially a grand party. The average cost for these grand parties can set you back around £18,000, the cost of the first step on the property ladder for many.

Research carried out by an insurance company this year revealed that over half of couples (52%) feel the cost is way too high. Couples affected are usually between 25 and 34 years of age and it literally is a decision based on realistic financial numbers.

Weddings have a few elements that drive the overall cost skywards - venue comes in at around an average of £2,000, catering £2,770 and the honeymoon of a lifetime drops in at £3,582.

On a slightly cheery not, for those who have true love without feeling the need to celebrate, here are a few of the most expensive weddings that have taken place on earth.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana
According to today‘s inflation this wedding would have set you back around £71 million, 30 million at the time. This works out more than the recent William and Kate wedding. The main wedding cake at the reception (that people ate) took 14 weeks to prepare by a team of dedicated specialists. There were 27 other wedding cakes just too wet the appetite. The audience globally was approximated to around 750 million - that probably included distant cousins. Outside of the church there were just overall a handful - estimated 2 million people to wish them on their merry way.

Seemanto Roy and Chandni Toor, Sushanto Roy and Richa Roy
The wealthy Indian industrialist really new how to treat both sons when it came to their joint wedding shin dig! In 2004 the estimated cost for his 2 son‘s special day was around £83,000,000. Quiet extravagant to anyone‘s standards but when you‘ve about £5 billion in the bank you‘ll not be touching your overdraft. Guests to this sensational day were treated to more than 110 different entrees and the British Symphony Orchestra knocked out a few traditional Indian numbers to keep the guests toes tapping. So the even wouldn‘t be forgotten in a hurry, their Dad hired Bollywood Director Raj Kumar Santoshi to film the event.

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia
When you‘re the daughter of a billionaire steel mogul then you can expect Dad to push the boat out, literally if required. For the daughter of Lakshmi Mittal in 2005 who wed a London born banker an estimated £38 million was spent on their wedding day. Not really a wedding day was had but a 5-day wedding event the climaxed with a performance from Kylie Minogue. Invites to this top notch do were delivered in silver boxes with each containing plane tickets to Paris and five-star accommodation details, no worries about the state of the bath upon arrival here.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
This lavish event was attended by big numbers of royals and nobles with security taking a big portion of the estimated £21 million it cost for these two. Flowers for the day ran up a bill of £500,000 and the edible wedding cake set them back £50,000. The audience and guests from all around the globe totalled over the hundreds of millions.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum
Topping of the bill is the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates whose big day was estimated at a whopping £88 million. Resulting in a five day national holiday being declared it is the Sheikh Mohammed rode a horse to every village and fed everyone he came across. Over 20,000 guests attended and celebrated in a hall that was built just for the occasion. Fantastic start to Sheikha Hind and the Vice Presidents live of wedded bliss.


Author: Christine

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