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No strings attached? What women really want...is a man who plays guitar?

Forget good looks, impeccable manners and a magnetic personality – all we really want from a partner...is an ability to rock a guitar!

At least that’s what a survey of Brits has revealed. Nine in ten of us, it seems, find guitar-playing "instantly sexy". One in ten women under 25 say that guitar skills are a "must" in a man. A quarter of us admit to having dated a guitar player simply because of their musical ability. And a third of men have tried to impress a girl by trying out a riff or two.

We have to admit that here in the Spark Of Love office, we took this news with more than a pinch of salt. We all have the occasional rock star fantasy, but putting a Jimi Hendrixesque talent for making music on our list of "must have" traits in a potential partner isn’t, we think you’ll agree, a very sensible approach to love and romance.

If it were, where would that leave us tone-deaf mortals who’ve as much musical acumen as a Jedward tribute act?

Sensitivity, sex appeal and "manly hands" are not exclusive to guitar players, and while we’re partial to a bit of guitar music ourselves, we’re always sceptical of any kind of dating "wish list".

Great love matches, are, in our vast experience of bringing couples together, never the result of the perfect height, the right shade of hair colour, or an ability to sing us a song over dinner. Having any kind of “deal breakers” that say little about who a person is or what they want from life can be fast tracks to disappointment.

That’s why we were relieved to see that the Internet’s response to the survey results erred on the side of common sense. Here is a selection of comments from posters making some very valid – and some very tongue-in-cheek - points…

"Anyone with a skill, a passion, something interesting to say, and the ability to use apostrophes correctly really gets me going."

"Does the Oboe have the same effect? That's all I play."

"Playing guitar does seem to attract more women/girls. But I can't say it really brings much difference in 'relationship happiness' though. I find the most joy is to just play for camaraderie amongst other people regardless of their sex."

"As my mother the music teacher taught me well; 'Never play for those girls. They aren't ever worth it. Play for yourself'."

If a strum of the strings is still an essential component for your dates, we suggest a sofa date with the Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side!

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Author: Rebecca

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