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Woman falls in love and plans to marry... her favourite computer game

Classroom crushes can be incredibly powerful. The butterflies in the tummy, all those stolen glances across the playground, the memory of that first kiss: it all adds up to an intoxicating mix. 

That's just how it was for Florida resident, Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan, who, at the age of seven, began a memorable relationship with... her calculator. "I thought that [he was] really beautiful and I loved the buttons on him... I just loved his function."

As many youthful relationships do, Noorul's love affair ended when her Casio-nova broke. She eventually moved on, and, around the age of ten, enjoyed brief flirtations with her family car's sat nav, an iPod and a monorail.

Fast forward a decade, and 20-year-old Noorul is once more putting fresh meaning into the term 'object of affection', having revealed that she's so head over heels in love with the puzzle game Tetris, that she's planning on marrying it, or, more specifically, the computer cartridge that contains the game's data.

"Love's an awesome thing you can't explain. He's just really beautiful. I find him just so attractive. I sit in the library playing with him for hours on end. And cuddle him," she told a bemused Phillip Schofield on ITV's This Morning. "He's handsome, strong and perfect in every way."

Thankfully, Noorul is keeping it real where her impending nuptials are concerned: "The marriage aspect is purely ceremonial. Obviously I can't literally marry an object." And there's an element of healthy cynicism around her relationship's longevity too—she's more or less admitted that Tetris is at risk of being replaced by a younger model, telling the daytime show host: "I'd be very upset if this particular [cartridge] broke, but I could just get another one."

Unconventional though this partnership may be, Noorul is taking a traditional approach to post-married life, having decided to take Tetris' name. In fact, she's already going by the name Fractal Tetris Huracan. 


Author: Rebecca

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