Reasons For A Winter Wedding

  • November 25, 2013|

  • Christine

A wedding during the winter months can be one of the greatest ideas you have, not only would it be wonderfully romantic but it could also save you money. Here are another five great reasons as to why you should take the giant stride during the winter months.

Choose a theme
A wedding theme can become a tedious affair but with a winter wedding the fun begins when it comes to brainstorming the wedding theme. The backdrop of snowy hills or mountains can result in a plethora of ideas for you to play around with - a Winter Wonderland, New Year&lsuo;s Eve can really get things off to a bang and even consider Fire and Ice.

Create a Winter Wonderland
Having your wedding in the winter months gives you the great excuse to turn your venue into an attractive winter wonderland with Christmassy decorations and pretty table accessories. Everybody loves Christmas and it will create a fun and cosy vibe for your reception. Why not bring in a Santa with a couple of Rudolph‘s to add to the Xmas atmosphere.

Save money
It‘s common knowledge that a wedding can be incredibly expensive but with a winter wedding you can almost certainly save some money. During the winter popular hotel wedding venues are more likely to give discounts and cheap rates than they are in the busy summer months because more people get married in summer and hotels and other venues will usually be fully booked. Wedding service such as photographers and caterers are also usually available at a fraction of the cost that you would pay in summer, which can bring your costs down considerably. This also goes for your honeymoon in that less people venture abroad in the out-of-season winter months and you can probably grab yourself a bargain honeymoon.

Book a castle
Book a beautiful castle for your wedding - it can provide a stunning venue for a winter wedding especially if there is sparkling snow on the ground! Have a beautiful candle-lit ceremony and your reception in the amazing banqueting hall.
You won‘t be worrying about the heat

With the stress of a wedding and the often stifling heat in the hot summer months, many brides and bridegrooms struggle through their wedding day and some even pass out! A winter wedding will make sure you are kept chilled out during your big day! There are many reasons to have your wedding in winter and you will find many great hotel wedding venues to choose from. Remember that venues are usually much cheaper to hire in the winter months and you can usually get great deals on castles, manor houses and hotels. Have fun on your big day!


Author: Christine

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