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A century of bridal fashion in three minutes

We have to take our fascinators off to the lovely peeps at mode.com, who’ve had the Flame Introductions office cooing and ahhhh-ing over the short viral video we’ve had on repeat all week.

In just under three minutes it shows 100 years of wedding dresses, but much more besides. Namely that the beautiful bride donning the bridal looks of every decade since 1915 is simply divine in every era, proving that every wedding is a timeless celebration of love.

We begin in 1915, when wartime brides demurely buttoned up their high-necked lace gowns, covered their arms with long gloves, and flashed only a hint of shin above their delicate little satin pump shoes. A huge sprig of flowers only serves to highlight the tiny figure behind, wrapped up in chiffon and lace like a little present.

By 1925, flapper brides threw on flouncy rah-rah skirts, satin V-necks bodices, pumps designed for charlestoning, and let their red lippy, beaded headdresses and self-assured poses allude to the era’s effortlessly cool glamour.

Fast-forward a decade and we see a more classic bride, an exquisitely detailed full-length coat over a simple chemise, a diamond tiara and tiny little spring poesy adding a dash of girlies.

The Second World War over, brides wore victory rolls and sweetheart necklines, a string of pearls adding glamour to simple and elegant chiffon gowns.

Wide boat necklines make an appearance in 1955, lace prom dresses and satin Mary Janes being all the rage.

The 1960s put the fun into bridal wear, with our girl’s poufy skirt topped off with a hip-length veil crowned by a huge bow nodding to Minnie Mouse.

By 1975 hippy chic brides get their loose-flowing gowns on. Barefoot and without a hint of sparkle, their bouquets are every colour of spring.

Unsure exactly what it’s trying to be, the 1980s borrow from every decade; our bride is a vision in a huge pouf skirt, applique lace, sparkly embellishments, puffball sleeves, layers of chiffon, bright pink eyes, lips and cheeks to match. And the hair is something else.

Things have calmed down by the 1990s, when our bride is a master class in elegance, understated in an off-shoulder gown, letting her beautiful bouquet add a sophisticated accent of colour.

By 2005 the waif trend inspired by supermodel Kate Moss is influencing the bridal look. Sleeveless satin clings to every curve. An elegant chignon and a tiny poesy complete the pared-down look.

The 2015 bride takes inspiration from another Kate. Ms Middleton – now the Duchess of Cambridge – spawned a million and one Royal wedding dress copycats, though our bride makes it her own, opting for capped sleeves and a tiny silver diamanté belt to nip in her waist.

The bride looks divine in every decade, proving that whether it’s shoulder pads, a string of pearls or top to toe lace, love is always in fashion.

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Image: Mode.com


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