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How to combat loneliness [VIDEO PLAYLIST]

As lockdown enters it's fifth week (Is it five? We've all totally lost track of time/days/months), we really feel for all our lovely clients who'd just reached out to begin their journey with Flame, who've had to put on hold their quest for love. Equally, we feel for anyone who is feeling isolated or loneliness in any form; they're strange times and sometimes it doesn't help to hear that 'we're all in this together', particularly if you've had little human contact in a while. Please know that we're thinking of you. 

We've found some great resources online around loneliness and we want to share some of the best with you. Below we have rounded up a few great TED Talks on the topic – hopefully there'll be something there that makes you smile. 

Stay safe everyone,
The Flame Introductions team


We love this talk by Jonny Sun, the author of Everyone's A Ablien When Ur A Ablien 2. His main point is that the best way to overcome your feelings of isolation is to reach out and tell people what's going on in your head. That way, you'll discover that we really are all in it together. 


History boffins and thoughtful types will love this look at how history has shaped loneliness. The key message: what can we learn from the past to help us feel better today?


How we experience and respond to loneliness is connected to our emotional intelligence. Learn how we can all improve our EQ, in this talk by Guy Winch, who has also written this very helpful article about overcoming loneliness. 


Author: Rebecca

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