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VIDEO: How to let someone down gently

The cast of ITV's Love Island might not seem like the obvious choice for dishing out advice on how to let someone down gently, but in this video for BBC Bitesize, former castaways from the notorious show share some pretty insightful tips for how you can be sure that you're saying "no" without trampling over someone's feelings. 

Be polite, be honest and be kind, are the overarching themes of advice given by the likes of former contestants Tom Walker and Lots Holloway.

Politely declining someone's advances by explaining that you're flattered but that unfortunately you just don't feel the same way, avoids too much bruising of egos, says life coach and relationship expert Anna Williamson, who also features in the video. And honesty, says Tom Walker, might feel brutal in the short term, but actually it's much kinder to be clear than to lead someone on. 

Kindness is imperative, says Lots Holloway. So simply imagine how much courage it's taken for them to ask you out and lay their cards on the table. If you're unkind, dismissive, or just brush off their advances out of awkwardness, it's going to make them feel ten times worse. 

"Karma's real and if you're mean it will come back and bite you," says Tom Walker. Wise words.


Author: Rebecca

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