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Three little words

I was just reading BBC news online when I came across this article: 

In the early 1970s, New Zealand's Prime Minister Norman Kirk laid out a political philosophy which still resonates today. People, he said, don't want much. They want: "Someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for."

Well, three of those, i.e. somewhere to live, somewhere to work, and hopes for the future, maybe easily achieved.  The ‘biggy’ (someone to love) can sometimes be much harder. 

It’s amazing how contented you can feel if you haven’t got, ‘that big house’, or, ‘fabulous job’, as we know for a fact, people are happier and feel they have achieved success when in a good relationship.  When you have someone you love and adore who equally feels the same about you, you can conquer most of life’s little setbacks. 

Some of the happiest people I have met in my life are one’s who have a partner they can’t wait to get home to at the end of the day, someone who loves them – ‘warts and all’ – and doesn’t care if they haven’t got the top job, earn the huge salary, and can’t afford the mansion.  As Oscar Wilde once said: “Who, being loved, is poor?” 

I rest my case!!


Author: Christine

Christine has been happily married for many years. In her early career she worked at an established personal introductions agency before launching her own matchmaking service, Flame Introductions. She thrives on helping countless couples from London and around the UK find the love and happiness she has.