• The Undateables Revisits

The Undateables 2017: Episode 5 Roundup (Richard, James and Daniel return to our screens)

Whether it's about trying to find The One, or just hoping for date number two, playing the love game can be a scary business. But despite confidence issues and past disappointments, these Undateables favourites are determined to overcome any challenges in their quests to find that special someone. 


For 42 year-old, Richard, the ideal woman would look like Kylie Minogue and live within five miles of his home. 

He's willing to compromise on the pop star looks, but location is very important to him, and the possibility of dating beyond this area is "a no go area". This isn't helping his quest for love, but neither is his lack of confidence. Having never been on a second date, he worries about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time (his foremost learning from a past date with a Russian lady is "don't talk about Chernobyl"). 

When a date from Kent was found for him, however, he agreed to meet Lucy on the condition that she travel the 1.5 hours to meet Richard on his own turf. 

Despite his nerves, Richard had a clear strategy for the date, and against his mum's advice, he showed Lucy his muscles.

Flexing his pecs seemed to do the trick - after a shaky start with a few awkward silences, the date finished with Richard achieving his dream of securing a second meeting, and Lucy declaring mysteriously that she thought there was "more than meets the eye" where her date is concerned. 

For date number two, Richard pushed himself out of his comfort zone and travelled 18 miles for the meeting. After an afternoon of ice cream and mini golf, a third date was agreed on, giving Richard hope that this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.


"Love is like eating a cake. We all like cake. depending on the kind of cake because it could be disgusting kind of cake like lemon drizzle," says James.

Despite the uncertainties of love and cake, the 23-year-old South African-born law student is willing to put himself back in the dating game. Several months on from a painful breakup with his ex, Chloe, he was matched via Flame Introductions to art student Josie.

"She's got the beauty and the majesty of a bird of prey," observed James as the pair spent an afternoon at a falconry centre. But despite the good vibes, Josie just wanted to be friends.

Reflecting on the setback, James resolved to continue in his quest for a compatible partner. "I am very much in the game," he says. "I like to think I'm a decent chap and I think that I'm quite a catch."


He may have an army of female fans where his music is concerned, but as Daniel prepares to launch his UK tour, he's hiding a big disappointment. Things with Amber, who he met on a previous series of The Undateables, didn't work out, and he's longing once again to find true love.

But things are looking up for Daniel. As the curtain fell on his final gig, he revealed that he has met a new girlfriend, with whom he has agreed to take things slowly. "Fingers crossed...Yeah!" he says, when asked if she could be The One.


This roundup refers to the fourth episode of series six, which first aired at 9pm on Channel 4 on Monday 23rd January 2017. Watch it on catch up until 10th March 2017.


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