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The Undateables 2016: Episode 3 Roundup (in which we meet George, David and Bethany)

With more incredible stories of courageous men and women with disabilities looking for love, episode three of The Undateables, the Channel 4 documentary featuring Flame Introductions' very own Christine, was another heartstring-tugger.

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The 23-year-old dreamt of becoming a professional footballer until, at the age of 17, he was left paralysed by a car crash. His love of football continues - he even used his accident compensation money to buy Worthing FC, his local club - but now he hopes of finding love off the pitch.

Having picked himself up from his split with his childhood sweetheart, he's now ready, with the support of his football buddies, to throw himself back into the dating pool. During his visit with Flame Introductions' Christine, he revealed that his ideal match would be down to earth, patient and understanding.

He thinks he may have found that in English student Natalie. Their drink in Brighton ended in a trip to the greyhound races, but thankfully didn't go to the dogs, with the pair swapping numbers and agreeing to meet again.

George from The Undateables, 2016.

There was even praise for George from a fellow dating hopeful, Tom Morgan, who set pulses racing when he appeared in episode one of the current series... 


At the age of 44, David, an Essex magician, is frustrated at the lack of love in his life. "Through my own nervousness things haven't gone well. I've found that girls aren't really interested in me," he admits, conjecturing that his lack of willingness to put himself forward and his self-confessed "geekiness" lie at the root of his failure to become a hit with the ladies.

His learning disability makes him feel awkward, particularly with members of the opposite sex, but his hopes remain high and he's a long list of common interests he'd like to see in a date, including a love of Ronnie Barker, magic tricks, science fiction and musicals. 

Luckily from him, 37-year-old Claire, who has Mosaic Down's Syndrome ticked every box. She describes herself as a "Disney princess at heart" and was won over by David's eccentric magic tricks and Red Dwarf impressions. By the end of their afternoon tea, they were finishing one another's sentences and email addresses were exchanged.

David from The Undateables, 2016.


20-year-old aspiring singer Bethany has never had a boyfriend and feels like the odd one out among her friendship group. Though she's eager to find a man, she's taken on board her mother's advice of waiting for someone special: "I want to find a man, hold his hand and tell him that I will love him for ever and ever, but I have to get the right person first," she says.

She thought she may have found The One in her very first date Bradley, who, at 21, has also never had a partner. His Williams syndrome can make him uncomfortable around others, but he and Bethany got on well on their bowling date. Unfortunately, as the months went by, Bethany had to face up to the fact that Bradley wasn't going to call. "I thought we had a spark so I was a little bit heartbroken about that one. That's just life... there is someone out there."

Her second shot came in the form of student Miles, who also has Down Syndrome and, like Bethany, is new to dating. Things didn't appear to be getting off to the best start - Bethany announced that she felt a spark but Miles replied that he hadn't found one yet. But conversation picked up, the pair discovered a mutual love of boy bands JLS and One Direction, shared a dance and a first kiss followed. 

Bethany from The Undateables, 2016.


Author: Rebecca

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