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Is this the one thing you should never talk about on a first date?

The stomach-churning first date is an opportunity to get to know what makes someone tick. But should you steer clear of what makes them vote?

A video, featuring two sets of couples of a restaurant date - which, thanks to a segue into current politics, looks set to be their last - has gone viral.


Why You Should Never Discuss Politics On The First Date

Why you should never discuss politics on the first date...

Posted by Elite Daily on Thursday, 12 November 2015

And it raises the question of whether politics is a subject best avoided when you're first getting to know someone. The contents of the clip would suggest that how you do (or don't) vote should remain resoundingly off topic as you sip a cocktail with your potential new love interest. But the internet is divided: So, should you stick to safe subjects like hobbies, pets and what you do for a living? Or should you avoid putting off the inevitable and just dive straight into someone's political interests - after all, you're bound to find out sooner or later if their views are incompatible with your own? 


"If you can talk about politics on a first date and respect each others opinions then you know you have the potential for not only a second date but maybe a chance for a real relationship! But what do I know...I'm single!"

"Whether or not you bring up ANY subject on a first date scales with how important it is to you. Clearly Blondie takes politics seriously if she kept going back to it. I'd say rename this video to 'Verify your dealbreakers before agreeing to a date'."

"Why waste time? I mean I want someone to settle down with who is compatible, I think it's pretty important getting that stuff out of the way ASAP so you aren't wondering where the last weeks or months of your life went."

"We discussed politics even before having our first date. And we're married now. Differences in our opinions doesn't have anything to do with the love we have."

"Actually makes it so much easier to cancel out people when talking politics on the first date."



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