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Sudden Repulsion Syndrome: Is this the reason you’re suddenly over your ex?

Have you heard of Sudden Repulsion Syndrome? Well it’s a new one on us too, but it’s pretty intriguing.

It’s what happens when a small, seemingly insignificant behaviour puts an abrupt end to your relationship. Everything is absolutely fine with you and your partner, then you see him picking his nose and eating it, and all of a sudden, every warm, fuzzy feeling you’ve ever had about it evaporates, your heart turns to stone, you never want to clap eyes on him ever again. It’s over. For ever. No going back.

One blogger writes: ‘I once had a boyfriend who I was very into for the whole year we dated. I thought he was amazing, hilarious, smart. One day we were at a wedding for one of his friends. I asked him to dance and he refused...for the entire night. We just sat at the table doing nothing while everyone else was having a wonderful time. I looked over at him and suddenly realised he was the worst. I could barely stand to look at him. I broke up with him a week later. He went from the centre of my world to nothing after one night.’

Another blogger details her own brushes with SRS: ‘I recently dated a guy named Dan, a graphic designer. It was love at first swipe. He was perfect. I thought about him day and night. I checked my phone 30 times an hour. My stomach was so full of butterflies, I couldn’t eat. He put his arm around me in a bodega, and suddenly all the sappy poetry and romantic literature I’d ever read no longer seemed embarrassing. Then, 10 days into our affair, I woke up and...those old sheets tacked to his windows as makeshift curtains? And the fact that he owned no books? I looked at Dan and felt an overwhelming nausea. Not only did I never want to see him again, but I suddenly couldn’t remember why I’d ever liked him to begin with.’

Urban dictionary describes Sudden Repulsion Syndrome as: ‘A condition many people experience after dating an individual for a short amount of time. The individual is probably polite, nice, and generally pleasant to be around, but one day, you suddenly find yourself disgusted by his or her appearance. You cannot ever see yourself establishing a physical relationship with this individual. The consequence of SRS is that you end up feeling as though you must break it off immediately.’

There are many theories about why we experience SRS. One of the more common is that it’s a subconscious signal that you two aren’t compatible and that you should get out now to avoid wasting time. Sometimes, our subconscious can pick up something that our regular minds can’t…and it could be our subconscious mind’s way of telling us to leave before it’s too late,’ reports Rebel Circus.

Or, as one blogger puts it: ‘Sometimes our bodies know something is off before our brains fully decode what's happening. So much goes into physical and emotional attraction. Our brains can wind up foggy, drowning in pheromones and the desire to find someone so badly that we overlook glaring red flags. Sudden Repulsion Syndrome may seem like it’s coming out of nowhere and throw you off-kilter, but it’s a self-preservation tactic your body has initiated to get you away from this person.’

So the motto is, listen to your gut. And be careful the next time you blow your nose in front of someone you’re dating. 


Author: Rebecca

Rebecca lives in London with her husband, daughter and dachshund. She hopes her dating blogs for Flame Introductions will inspire you to seek out the best London and UK locations for brilliant dates, and discover some tips along the way to help you find your perfect partner.