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Sheryl Sandberg has a message for women - and this time it concerns love

Facebook's most senior female executive has made her name coaching women the world over in how they can be more successful at work—and now she has some advice of a different kind, this time concerning love.

Sheryl Sandberg, the social media giant's Chief Executive Officer and number two to boss Mark Zuckerberg, has become a feminist icon thanks to her seminal book, Lean In. In it she urges women to stop holding back when it comes to career progression, to take charge and forge ahead—to quite literally 'lean in' to all aspects of the workplace.  

She also gained an army of fans for her honest assessment of the difficulties in maintaining a work-life balance, but credited the support of her husband Dave with her ability to continue clawing her way up the career ladder while maintaining a home life, relationship and raising two young children.

Tragically, her husband of 11 years, Dave Sandberg passed away suddenly while the couple were on holiday in 2015, leaving Sheryl utterly devastated.

Since then Sandberg has spoken publically about grief and resilience, and how she drew strength from family and strong female friendships in her darkest of days. She recently penned another book on just that subject, Plan B. And now, for the first time, she has also put in her twopence worth where dating is concerned.

Having revealed that­—on the prompting of her in-laws—she recently began dating fellow Silicon Valley executive Bobby Kotick, she wants women all over the world to stand strong when it comes to finding the right guy to settle down with. And as with her views on women in the workplace, for her, male-female relationships should always be about equality.

“[Date] the guys who want an equal relationship. Guys who want to support your career,” she told a journalist from the Financial Times.

But how’s a girl to know from the off if the guy she’s having a coffee with is of that kind of mindset? You just ask them, says Sheryl, with characteristic straightforwardness. “You ask and you ask early and you are not afraid of offending. If they’re going to be offended… you don’t want to date them anyway.”

So there you have it ladies!

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