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Do you eat differently when you're on a date? Science says you probably do...

You’re perusing the menu of a posh restaurant. You know what you really want to order, but because you’re on a first date, you’re going to forego your fancy and choose something altogether more suitable.

Well that’s what’s going on according to scientists in Denmark, whose studies show that when we’re embarking on a new romance, we tend to make entirely different dietary choices – at least when we’re out with our partners.

Women, says the research from Aarhus University, are more apt to choose healthy, low calorie meals when they’re with someone they fancy. Men, on the other hand, lean towards the richer, more expensive food and drink the menu has to offer.

It could be argued that this proves that women feel a pressure to eat in such a way that makes them appear more attractive and committed to a healthy regime, while men conform to the breadwinner role, making indulgent choices to showcase their wealth and superiority, unrestrained by health or fitness standards.

Suffice to say the media has had a field day with such sexist and outdated food for thought...


“Give a person their prospective date’s fast-food order and supermarket receipt and I am certain they could tell more about whether they’re a good match than they could from any Tinder profile.”


“That many women feel the need to curb their appetites in front of men in the twenty-first century is sad, but there’s an easy way to end this destructive pattern. The next time you’re dining out with a guy you fancy, don't let it stop you from ordering what you want.”


“My professional food dating advice? Pick something delicious that will keep you full, so you can enjoy the evening. Just avoid anything that is going to make a mess. Pair your meal with your favorite glass of wine and you “come hither” eyes, and enjoy!”


Author: Rebecca

Rebecca lives in London with her husband, daughter and dachshund. She hopes her dating blogs for Flame Introductions will inspire you to seek out the best London and UK locations for brilliant dates, and discover some tips along the way to help you find your perfect partner.