• Inside of a fridge

Are you up for a bit of refriger-dating?

Are the contents of your fridge your key to everlasting love?

"Probably not," we hear you mumble from behind the mouldy cheese and the half-eaten tin of beans (the label says 'consume within three days of opening' but a couple of weeks is still ok, right?).

And that would be the correct answer. Except never let reality get in the way of a good marketing ploy, say the people at Samsung, who are taking a step into the world of refriger-dating, by allowing single customers of their new model fridge-freezer to share pics of its contents with other customers, via an app.

Details are sparse as to how matches will be made, and we dread to think what 'mince-meat' could be made of the matchmaking scheme if a vegan is accidentally matched with a carnivore. 

"The inside of my fridge is like my wallet. EMPTY that will stop the gold diggers," said one unimpressed member of the public. While another took the opportunity of the breaking news to pose one of life's big questions: "If you don't keep eggs in a fridge why do you get an egg holder in a fridge? (or is that for Cadbury cream eggs?)"

Why, indeed.


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Author: Rebecca

Rebecca lives in London with her husband, daughter and dachshund. She hopes her dating blogs for Flame Introductions will inspire you to seek out the best London and UK locations for brilliant dates, and discover some tips along the way to help you find your perfect partner.