5 Most Romantic Castles

  • February 23, 2014|

  • Christine

Why not do something a little bit different this year and visit one of the many pleasant castles that grace the UK shores? Romance, intrigue and cultural enrichment are just a few of the experiences you can acquire with a loved whilst on a visit to one of these beautiful castle locations.

The most prolific castle in the world to many young girls may be the Cinderella Castle located in Disney World. While this is a great place to find Disney gifts, the castle itself is a fairytale creation instead of having a base in history. We are fortunate enough to have many historic castles gracing Britain, and these castles are just as appealing as the Disney version, and you will most likely learn something new while visiting them.

Castell Coch, Wales
Not moving too far away from the fairytale Cinderella Castle, the beautiful Castell Coch outside Cardiff is a fair representation of this too. Built in the 19th Century , this isn’t the most ancient castle you will come across, but it is a romantic creation to be enjoyed. The real history of this site was a medieval castle that stood here before, but the facts about this 11th or 12th Century castle are few and far between.
Fun fact: Castell Coch translates into Red Castle.

Lowther Castle, England
A different shape from Castell Coch, Lowther Castle is just as impressive in its design. The ruined castle is all turrets, towers, and gothic arches, set in 3000 acres of parkland . It has been described as gothic revival architecture, as it was built between 1806 and 1814 during the Romantic Movement.
Fun fact:Plans have been approved for a renovation project at the castle; which is one thing to remember for the future.

Crathes Castle, Scotland
Crathes Castle is described as a fairytale castle due to its portraits, oak ceilings, heraldic shields, and Elizabethan fireplaces . Find this picturesque castle about 14 miles from Aberdeen. Make sure to visit the colourful and formal gardens which are divided into 8 themed areas.
Fun fact:The Green Lady’s Room at the castle is said to be haunted!

Conwy Castle, Wales
If you imagine a real historic looking castle, something like Conwy Castle may come to mind. It was built for King Edward I between 1283 and 1287 and now remains distinctive with two barbicans, eight massive towers, and an impressive bow-shaped hall . It may not be the classic fairytale castle but it is charming in its own way all the same.
Fun fact:The elongated shape of the castle may be due to the narrow rocky outcrop that it stands on.

Nunney Castle, England
Nunney Castle was built in Somerset in the 1370s by Sir John de la Mere, a local knight . If it can be accurately described as this, it was modernised in the late 16th Century. It fell to Parliamentarian cannon in 1645, but the gun damaged portion of the wall didn’t collapse until Christmas Day 1910. Despite the ruins, it remains a pretty feature in a lovely location.
Fun fact:This is a French style castle supplied with a moat to keep invaders away.


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