Romancing In Paris

  • November 04, 2013|

  • Christine

With the Christmas break looming around the corner we thought we would take a look at what opportunities exist for dating couples to take advantage of this holiday period. Paris, known commonly as the romantic city is not too far from London. And the description used for this beautiful city certainly does it justice, as you‘ll discover here with a full breakdown of thrills, magic and romance for you to have in Paris this Christmas.

This elegant and beautiful French city has numerous attractions that are easily globally recognised - the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and the Cathedrale de Notre Dame. It is the combination of world renown restaurants, global attractions and entertainment that makes Paris an ideal place for magic, romance and thrills.

There is so much more to Paris than just croissants, baguettes and coffee shops although others would like you to feel otherwise. And you can discover much more to the stereotype with a visit to Disneyland Paris. The ride at the moment for thrill seeking couples is the ‘Big Thunder Mountain’ where there are thrills to take your breath away for at least a moment or three. Paris is a hot bed for memorabilia and you will do well to stock up on goodies whilst at Disneyland too.
To add another thrilling element to your romantic time in Paris why not scale up to the top of the Eiffel tower and take in the incredible view. For an extra bit of romance try and go just before dark as the city lights up beautifully to bring in the Parisian evening. You may find that you have to queue for a bit before embarking to the top, but just ask anyone who has done it and they will agree that it is well worth the wait.

There are a plethora of cosy little restaurants for you dating couples to play out the romantic side to your trip, many are shadowed by the Eiffel Tower. The restaurants that line up alongside the many streets around the town offer incredible delicacies and a great place for you and your beloved to settle for an evening of pure enjoyment. Treat yourselves to a walk afterwards in the chilled air of Paris, see the best of the Paris attractions as lights frame structures such as the Arc de triomphe, in the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle.

You will have so much fun discovering your magical part of Paris with your partner. It could where the Mona Lisa resided or having fun in the big Disneyland Park with Mickey. You will love Paris for a romantic break, endless cafes, fresh coffee and croissant smells will follow you up every romantic boulevard. You will experience it all over a weekend, whether it be culture, food or relaxation with your loved one you will discover it in Paris.


Author: Christine

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