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Woman catches husband in lie; sells his most beloved possession for £5...

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and one footie-mad husband has just felt the full force of his wife’s fury, after she sold his beloved £45,000 memorabilia collection for a paltry £5.

Stay at home Cheshire mum Shelly Cohen was already fed up with being a football widow. But the final straw came when she received a call to say that her husband was on telly. Turning on the set, she saw that her husband–who she believed to be putting in an extra shift at work at the time–cheering along at a football match. And worse still, he appeared to be celebrating his team’s goal with “a mystery blonde”. Whoops!

Paul maintains that the blonde was simply a bystander who gave him a shoulder squeeze when the ball hit the back of the net.

Seething with rage at the lie about his weekend whereabouts, Shelly went straight for the memorabilia collection. Containing such gems as a Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City 1958 programme and first-hand tickets from various major tournaments, it was estimated to be worth tens of thousands of pounds.

So...Shelly listed it on an auction site, claiming the low asking price of £5 represented a desire for a quick sale.

Asked if she regrets her actions, Shelly told The Sun newspaper: ‘My only regret is that I sold most of it. Should have kept some more in case I ever catch him doing this again.’

Reports indicate Shelly and Paul are trying to work things out. Proving true love can overcome anything!


Author: Rebecca

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