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So...have you met anyone nice recently?

When Bridget Jones was asked over Christmas dinner why she was still single despite being in her 30s, she famously responded that it was because underneath her clothes, her body was covered in scales.

Well intentioned as the questioner might be, it's rarely a pleasure to have to defend or justify one's single status, particularly over Christmas when we're surrounded by distant relatives or might not be feeling too wonderful about our lack of relationship.

We've rounded up some of the best advice out there on the Internet for dealing with the question nobody wants to answer over a mince pie...


There are a few ways to handle this. One, you can be serious; “The reason I am single is because I haven’t found the right person and don’t really enjoy being grilled about it. But I’ll keep you posted.” Boom! Argument done. No one will ask again.

Second, you can use what my mom calls a “smart ass response” like, “Wait, I didn’t tell you? I got married just last week? You didn’t get the invite? Oh man, so sorry. Hey, maybe the next one.” And I’d even add another one on top of it too, “Just kidding, I’m getting married next week to cousin Beth. You know to keep it in the family and save some money on the guest list.” Sarcasm is a quick way to say, “back off.”

You can always play the innocent route and be honest, “Well, I’d like to be in a relationship so if you know of anyone, hook me up. I’m open.” That response may make the conversation feel more at ease and can relax both parties. 


The key to navigating this conversation is confidence. You should never feel ashamed of being single, so reaffirm the reasons why you’re choosing to be single, and that will help you answer this question confidently.

“Re-commit yourself to the ‘why’ [you’re choosing] to be single,” Ahluwalia says. “[For example], you want to do your own thing before coupling up, or it’s an act of self-love after a breakup. Re-committing to your big ‘why’ will fuel you with self-assurance to say something like, ‘I’ve decided to be on my own for a while at this time, and I’m confident that’s the right thing for me right now.’”

Furthermore, instead of just mumbling, “I’m single” and letting the conversation die, give some examples of how you’re spending your time (which you’ve already thought of during small talk!).


When in doubt, do what you have to do to avoid talking about the topic of your singeldom. Say something like: “No answer on that yet, but tell me about you and dad’s upcoming trip to Paris!” Or turn the topic towards someone else’s relationship: “Not yet, but did you hear Jill and Tom are engaged?”

When you want to get relatives to stop prying into your personal life, be firm in putting the kibosh on the conversation. Try: “No, I haven’t met anyone special yet, but when I do you’ll be the first to know.” Most people will take the hint (emphasis on most.)

Diffuse the situation by answering their question with a question. “When do you think I’ll settle down?” Or make the question all about them: “When did you know you were ready?”

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Author: Rebecca

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