• Pair of puffins

Puffins win at love [video]

A pair of Welsh puffins have given us all relationship goals after the literal lovebirds’ story was featured in a BBC documentary.

The puffins life on Skokholm, a rocky island just off the coast of Pembrokeshire in West Wales.

Each year puffins part ways with their life mates to spend the winter at sea. But come spring they come home, and, on finding their loved one again, perform a special ceremony to reinforce their incredible bond. Even though there may have spent an entire season apart, they recognise one another instantly, and always return home to the same mate over their 20-year lifespans.

It’s called bill tapping, and it’s the puffin equivalent of a long, sloppy smooch with a much-missed mate on seeing one another for the first time in months.

This particular pairing, it turns out, did a lot more than just bill tap. No sooner had the couple reunited, than they were in search of a nest in which to nurture their puffling brood.

Watch the couple's romantic reunion below. 


Author: Rebecca

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