Top 3 Spring Proposal Spots

  • February 26, 2014|

  • Christine

A marriage proposal will hopefully only happen once in your lifetime. If you’re the person doing the proposing, you’ll want it to be special. Before you get into the planning of the wedding, the ceremony, the need for jewellery insurance for the ring, the cost of the honeymoon, etc., you’ll want to have that spectacular romantic moment that you’ll both never forget. Where will you pop the question? Here are three suggestions you might want to consider.
Venice, the land of love and canals, is one of the most romantic cities on earth, a special spot where wedding proposals happen frequently, but are far from common. Each is unique in its own way and there are dozens of special places around town to make them. Try the Piazza San Marco or go for a moment under the Bridge of Sighs. You’ve seen them both dozens of times on television and in the movies. Spend some time there to enjoy the city for a while, take a gondola ride, and pick your perfect spot. She’ll say yes. You’re in Venice.

Do you remember the movie “Casablanca”? Humphrey Bogart said, “We’ll always have Paris.” Ask your sweetheart to marry you in Paris and you’ll both have a moment you’ll “always have”, one that can’t be shared by anyone else. It’s all yours, together, for the rest of your lives. You can tell your children and grandchildren about it, but only you and your wife will know how it felt to make that pledge to each other under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or the Palace of Versailles. You could also make it along the banks of the River Seine of strolling through the sculpture garden at Jardin des Tuileries. There are dozens of romantic spots in this city, none of them a bad location for a wedding proposal. Countless men just like you have dropped to one knee on the sidewalk of a small, intimate café. Maybe that’s what you should do. She’ll love it.

Have you seen the London Eye along the Thames River? It’s that massive Ferris wheel in London where you can rent a private capsule to make your proposal while riding dozens of feet above the city, enjoying a private view for two. Venice and Paris are nice, but you don’t have to leave the UK to find romantic venues for spring proposals. There are plenty of spots here in town, and there’s a long history of romantic encounters here. In fact, some of the most breathtaking love stories in history happened in London. Yours can be the next one.


Author: Christine

Christine has been happily married for many years. In her early career she worked at an established personal introductions agency before launching her own matchmaking service, Flame Introductions. She thrives on helping countless couples from London and around the UK find the love and happiness she has.