New Face For Loved Up Hero

  • November 25, 2011|

  • Christine

We have just read the story of a young man, Mitch Hunter, who, at the age of 30, has just had a face transplant. He has a wonderful partner, they‘ve been together for several years - long before the transplant and have a young son together.

Mitch is rich in love and if anyone deserves it, he does.

The rest of us should stop complaining when we notice a new line on our faces; let Botox be a thing of the past. It‘s only when you read stories of other people‘s courage you realise how lucky you are.


Author: Christine

Christine has been happily married for many years. In her early career she worked at an established personal introductions agency before launching her own matchmaking service, Flame Introductions. She thrives on helping countless couples from London and around the UK find the love and happiness she has.