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Women reveal their single most romantic moments ever

The women of the Internet have spoken! When it comes to romantic gestures, it really is all in the little things. Out with diamonds, champagne and surprise trips to Venice. In with little notes, just being there, and plenty of chocolate! Guys, have a pen and paper at the ready...


"I didn't get to go to my senior prom because I was performing in a show that night at the community theatre. I was 18 and he was 20. We had fallen for each other quickly and during the beginning of summer, we had this sort of crazy infatuation with each other. 

We'd only been seeing each other a few weeks when this happened: it was the night of one of my performances - and of my high school prom. He picks me up after the show and drives me out to this empty road, pulls the car over and turns on the song from The Notebook that Noah and Ally danced to in the middle of he street. And he said: "I know I can't take you to your prom, but can I have this dance?" And we danced in the middle of the empty street and it was perfect."

giantlegume on Reddit.


"I'm not one for big romantic gestures; it's the little things that get me sighing with happiness. A few weeks ago I was suffering from insomnia. My fiancé woke up, sat on the edge of the bed, and gave me a foot rub to get me relaxed enough to fall asleep. Any time I'm feeling stressed, he gives me a foot rub while we sit on the couch. That to me is all the romance I need: someone taking care of me - not because I'm sick, but just because I had a hard day."

twelvedayslate on Reddit.


"When we started dating, I had the general impression my boyfriend didn't pay much attention to the little moments in our relationship. About six months in, we exchanged gifts. His was a CD, labelled in his messy scrawl, 'Mixtape'. I didn't expect much more than a compilation of cute songs, but from the moment I put the CD into the car player, I was struck.

Every single song had been one playing in the background of our most sentimental moments. The very first was one I'd offhandedly mentioned I had been listening to before our first date. Another was the song that had been playing in a restaurant where we'd had dinner. He'd been able to pull all this from his memory.

I realised that every single time I thought he wasn't paying much attention he was just paying attention in his own way. I haven't yet taken it out of my player, because it's honestly just a wonderful CD to listen to, and always makes me feel sort of happy inside.

I think that was the first time I really, really fell in love with him (though, honestly, I think I do that a bit more each day)."

VitaP on Reddit.


"My boyfriend stashes chocolate randomly in different compartments of my my bag, in my pockets, in my kitchen, around my house, and once even my bed. So about once a week I find some form of chocolate and grin like an idiot because a) unexpected chocolate and b) boyfriend done good.

He's done other more dramatic things but this sticks out to me, because... chocolate."

TragicallyEmpathetic on Reddit.


"We started out long distance and it sucked. I rang him crying at midnight because I really missed him. He immediately got in his car and turned up outside my door at 4am and gave me the biggest hug ever!"

sezrawr on Reddit.


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