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Made mistakes in past relationships? Here's why that's a good thing...

"Lots of things fail. We have to fail to learn and to innovate. When Thomas Edison was trialling his electric light, he tried over a thousand different compounds before he found the right one. If he hadn't has those failures and learned from them, he would possibly never have achieved the success."

So says Nigel Linge, a telecommunications expert from the University of Salford, speaking to the BBC during a news bulletin about the benefits of failure in the world of technology.

Such sentiments are commonly shared in the business world, well known entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Deborah Meaden speaking openly about the mistakes they've made along the way to enterprise success. 

But is there something to be learned by those who've made mistakes of an altogether more emotional kind? Absolutely yes, say we.

We appreciate that embarking on the process of finding love again can be daunting. Particularly if you're dogged by reminders of a car crash relationship, regret at having ignored your gut instincts and stayed too long in an unhappy partnership, or simply made a plain old bad decision and wound up with the wrong person. 

But what if you were to take Linge's theory and apply it, rather than to invention and innovation, to matters of the heart? What if you were to look at failed romances as opportunities to learn about yourself and how you relate to others? What if you were to reframe all those romantic 'compounds' that didn't quite spark to life in the way you'd hoped, as steps along the journey to finding 'the right one'? After all, if you hadn't had those failures and learned from them, would you be here now, hopeful of the success in love you so clearly deserve? 


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Author: Rebecca

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