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How do you measure trust in a relationship?

Trust is widely considered an integral part of a romantic relationship, and so it’s hardly surprising that 84% of people taking part in a survey said that it’s the single most important marker of a relationship working out.

The survey also revealed that Britons are naturally cautious when it comes to trusting others (the vast majority of 97% trust just four people in their lives). And it also revealed how couples in the UK measure trust in their closest relationships.

More than 60% said that true trust comes only from being willing to give someone a key to your house, while 52% say that the truest sign of trust is giving someone care of your pets while you’re away. Furthermore, 20% say that true trust only arrives when you’re willing to share the unlock codes for one another’s mobile phones.

Fortunately, passcodes seem to be frequently swapped by UK couples, with only 10% saying they currently don’t place complete trust in their other halves.

In the video below watch Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei give a crash course in trust: how to build it, maintain it and rebuild it.




Author: Rebecca

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