• BBC comedy spoof

Man ruins romantic weekend by saying what he really thinks...

News footage from the BBC has gone viral in a stark warning to men everywhere not to tell the truth when asked by their girlfriends what they’re really thinking.*

In the bulletin, a man is reported as having, “ruined a weekend away with his girlfriend by saying what he really thinks”.

The story continues that Martin Bishop and his girlfriend Eleanor Shaw took a romantic walk through the countryside during a weekend minibreak, before stopping off at a cosy pub. It was here, while appearing deep in thought, that Bishop was asked by his girlfriend what he was thinking at that very moment.

Shaw, clearly distressed by the experience, told reporters: “I was hoping he would say, maybe, this would be a great place to bring the kids some day. Or even something corny but sweet, like, I have everything I’ll ever need right here.”

Unfortunately for both Shaw and Bishop, what the latter actually said, was to take the weekend in a far less romantic direction.

He said: “Pigs are much bigger than you expect.”

Explaining the blunder, he went on: “We’d just seen some pigs... One of them was so big you could ride it.”

*The ‘news’ footage is actually a spoof created by BBC comedy, but, hey, don't we all know a Shaw or a Bishop?!


Author: Rebecca

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