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We may be able to spot love cheats, just be looking at them

Can you spot a likely cheat just by looking at him? Research suggests that you possibly can.

Researchers have revealed that men and women are able to spot a cheating male just by looking at him, and that men with more masculine features such as strong jaws and thin lips are both more likely to be suspected of cheating, and more likely to report cheating or poaching other men’s partners.

The research team theorises that suspicion of strong masculine features may have offered an evolutionary advantage, allowing heterosexual women to spot a likely cheat, and men the ability to recognise a love rival.

Writing in the Royal Society Open Science journal, researchers described how they asked participants to judge facial features and rate them based on the likelihood they would be a love cheat. Everyone pictured had previously reported the extent of their cheating and whether they had stolen someone else’s partner. And the results showed that both men and women scored those men most highly who had self-reported more cheating behaviours.

Lead researcher Kristen Knowles, an evolutionary psychologist from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, did stress, however, that it should not be assumed that the more masculine looking a man, the greater the chance he would cheat. “We should be aware that these behaviours are incredibly complex, and are likely to be influenced by many factors, including social and cultural effects, personality, genetics and life experiences,” she said.


Author: Rebecca

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