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First kisses: hilarious stories from the internet

The first kiss story is the stuff of legends. But it can't always be a mad pash romantic affair straight out of a Hollywood romcom. Big smackers to these wonderful souls who revealed their first kisses weren't always what they were expecting...


She beat me in a wrestling match and once she had me pinned decided to teach me we weren’t really wrestling.


It was our second real date. We were messing around with some sort of exercise equipment in her basement that pretty much flips you upside down, no idea what it's actually called.

I asked her if she'd ever seen the first Spider-Man movie. She hadn't. Though she knew what I was talking about and decided to make me make an idiot out of myself.

A few minutes later, I was upside down because I was strapped in and we were seeing what the hell we could do this device. There is no doubt in my mind that I was really easy to read the whole night, she absolutely knew I wanted to kiss her.

So, I made a face and she asked me what's up, and I said, "Well, I want to kiss you." And she said, "then do it." She leaned in and kissed me, while I was hanging upside down.

My first kiss was the Spider-Man kiss. I have cemented my nerd status for life.


It was with the girl I had had a crush since forever when I was 13, we were a bunch of teenagers playing idiotic truth or dare games and challenges in the pool. Long story short, she lost and had to close her eyes so that one of the boys would give her a kiss and I was the chosen one, not a big deal for the others, just another random day and I’m sure she doesn’t even remember that day now (later they told her it was me) but damn I remember it as if it was yesterday, it was a HUGE deal for me.


She told me she loved me so much. Went in for the kiss and she kissed the corner of my mouth. There was this awkward her half kissing my mouth-half sloppily kissing my cheek. When she was done, I asked for a redo. I went in for the kiss this time and when it was over she said she liked my way of kissing better.


I made some hot chocolate with marshmallows for me and my GF and decided to give my last piece to her. Wasn't planning any kissing, but sharing it with my lips made it inevitable.


Sneezed on her face. She was mad.


Author: Rebecca

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