• Cosmopolitan little girls give dating advice video

“If he’s nice to you, you should marry him!”

The Flame dating blog is home to some of the very best dating advice, but we temporarily take a departure from the inspirational, the practical and the helpful… to bring you the downright barmy!

Today’s love guide comes courtesy of several little girls, whose dating experience is limited to hanging out with their daddies, and generally thinking that anything to do with boys is a little bit “ew”.

But it’s hilarious nevertheless, and as the little princesses in question do the make-up of several women about to head off on a first date, they have some classic tips to share about all things love and romance related.

“If he’s really nice to you, you should marry him,” one little girl tells a lady, stopping dead in her tracks when she’s informed that if it were as simple as that, the woman would already be married 20 times over.

“Tell him you love him,” another suggests, when asked for her tips on how to behave on a first date. 


One very good reason why you should never let a give-year-old do your make-up!

We have to admit though that some of these kids have some very down-to-earth – if a little oversimplified - advice indeed. “Don’t wear something itchy,” is one that simply stands to good reason. “Don’t stuff food in your mouth or else it will be messy,” is another (avoid the spaghetti, people). And when asked “How will I know if he likes me?”, one budding make-up artist responds with a perfectly sensible: “He’ll be nice to you”.

On the question of whether it’s a good idea to google a guy before a first date, one little chick insists  “that’s kind of ridiculous”. And another warns that including emojis in post-date text messages could backfire: “He might not understand,” she warns. When it comes to who should make the first move for the end of date kiss, the kids are nonchalant: “Do whatever you want.”

Some sensible advice there, if not the most earth shattering of love tips. There is, however, one big lesson that women of all ages can take from the video. Never, ever, under any circumstances, allow a child to do your make-up before a date (or any other occasion come to that).

Images: Cosmopolitan.com 


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