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Best Indie love song lyrics for Valentine’s Day messages

As our first Valentine’s Day as a couple approached, my husband and I decided we’d exchange handmade cards on 14th February.

He forgot about the ‘handmade’ bit of the deal and went for a Marks & Spencer miniature; a single red heart on the cover; ‘I love you’ written inside. Simple, yet effective.

I also forgot – not just about the handmade bit, about Valentine’s Day in general - and had to resort to drastic measures. As the last of my colleagues left the office to prepare romantic meals for two, I Googled ‘Lionel Ritchie’, and printed off the first picture that appeared under image search. Not because I’m a particular fan of old Lionel, but because in my desperation to create something that could feasibly be considered handmade, I’d reached for inspiration in a classic love song. ‘HELLO!’ I scrawled under Lionel’s beaming face. ‘IS IT ME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR?’ (I’ve since seen a variation on this sentiment in the form of ‘Is it Brie you’re looking for?’ Accompanied, one supposes, by the gift of cheese.)

There are several things to be learned from this story. The main one, is that there are lyrics which, when transposed in a carefully chosen card, can evoke or create special memories for the receiver. And there are lyrics, which, when transposed in a hastily printed ‘card’, will remind the receiver of an awful 1980s music video, in which Lionel Richie appears both as stalker (in love with a student to whom he makes regular silent phone calls), and in creepy clay form. And nobody needs to be reminded of that.

Don’t be that person. Don’t be me. If you’re stuck for things to write in your Valentine’s card and are tempted to draw on romantic lyrics, choose one of these instead:


I was scared of dentists and the dark

I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations

Oh, all my friends are turning green

You're the magician's assistant in their dreams

From ‘Riptide’, by Vance Joy


However far away

I will always love you

However long I stay

I will always love you

Whatever words I say

I will always love you

From ‘Love Song’, by The Cure


Well you and I

Collapsed in love

And it looks like we might have made it

Yes, it looks like we've made it to the end

From ‘To The End’, by Blur


Do I wanna know

If this feeling flows both ways?

Sad to see you go

Was sort of hoping that you'd stay

From ‘Do I Wanna Know’, by Arctic Monkeys


You don’t have to be there, babe

You don’t have to be scared, babe

You don’t need a plan of what you wanna do

Won’t you listen to the man that’s loving you

From ‘Listen To The Man’, by George Erza


Your love is like a studded leather headlock

Your kiss it could put creases in the rain

You're rarer than a can of Dandelion and Burdock

And those other girls are just postmix lemonade

From ‘Suck It And See’, by Arctic Monkeys


All you need is love

Love is all you need

From ‘All You Need Is Love’, by The Beatles


Sun lights up the day time

Moon lights up the night

I light up when you call my name

And you know I'm gonna treat you right

From ‘Fever’ by Peggy Lee


You can find more inspiration for Valentine’s messages in Spark Of Love’ founder Christine’s latest blog post on her favourite quotes about love.

Oh and here’s that creepy clay video. You know you want to.



Author: Rebecca

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