Ideal Partner

  • November 08, 2011|

  • Christine

I have been very happily married now for over 30 years - before you say it, yes, to the same man! He enjoys long country rambles, whereas I enjoy a walk but in different surroundings, i.e. between Harrods and Harvey Nichols (fabulous walk with fantastic scenery!); he listens to Radio 4 and I dance to Kiss 100.

When asking most people what they‘re looking for in their ideal partner the stock answer is, 'someone like myself'.

This is understandable, but perhaps what they really mean is someone with the same life values as themselves and not necessarily same tastes in music, hobbies, etc.


Author: Christine

Christine has been happily married for many years. In her early career she worked at an established personal introductions agency before launching her own matchmaking service, Flame Introductions. She thrives on helping countless couples from London and around the UK find the love and happiness she has.