• Wedding guests wear their own wedding dresses to friend's ceremony

Here come...the brides?

We’ve all heard stories about Bridezillas. You know, the ones who send memos to the bridesmaids six months before the wedding giving them target weight losses. Or the ones who stipulate designer dress codes. Or, *shudder*, the ones who complain about the price tags on gifts and send follow up letters asking for a higher value donation.

So it’s refreshingly wonderful and heart-warming to hear about the nuptials of US actress Audrey Moore to her writer husband Jesse Lumen.

For starters, Moore encouraged her female guests to wear their own wedding dresses on her big day, saying that it was a shame that most people would only get to wear such a beauitiful gown on the one occasion, and that she wanted her own wedding to be the equivalent of a grown-up dress-up party, where all the girls felt gorgeous.

As for the men (many of whom were low paid actors and writers), they were invited to wear whatever they wanted, even if that meant fancy dress costumes they’d worn on the job.

The male members of the wedding party were given white hoodies with tuxedo designs on the front. “All I’ve ever wanted was my husband to wear a white hoodie on our wedding day,” Moore told the HuffPost. “Because I met him in a white hoodie and I think he looks best in a hoodie. It’s my favourite thing that he wears. I think he looks so handsome in them.”

As for gifts, in place of an extensive list of expensive items, the pair asked their friends and family to chip in and help them buy a new mattress.

May this couple live a married life as joyous as their big day!

Image: Reddit.


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