Four Ways To Propose

  • October 27, 2013|

  • Christine

A wedding proposal can be one of the most bone-jangling experiences of a person‘s life. You‘ve 100 and 1 things to prepare for in advance - the ring, don‘t damage it and certainly do not misplace it! When and where would be the best time for you to pop the question?

The key to preparing yourself for a proposal of marriage is to stay calm, no matter what! A state of panic can lead to mistakes, errors and memory lapses - not good when you‘ve plans to put in to position and execute. Try and be happy and enjoy the moment, it‘s one of the happiest moments of your life. You have to give your decision making, regarding the wedding ring, time. Consider all the hints, and you should know your partner‘s tastes when it comes to this particular piece of jewellery. The average wedding ring costs approximately the average 2 month salary, so do be careful once you‘ve picked it up from the shop.

The venue and the ring you are using for the marriage proposal should match the character of your relationship. The limelight can make people happy but equally just as many self-conscious. The daredevils amongst us may think nothing of a debate about wedding venues whilst jumping out of a plane though cannot probably be said about the traditionalists. Relevant to the majority of us who may fall somewhere in-between daredevil to traditionalist are some considerations when it comes to the wedding proposal.

Hotel proposal for a hot night
As the winter draws in and the months get cooler why not invite your beloved to an exclusive hotel, drinks, dinner and luxury treatments will always make a girl smile. The luxury setting and the romance of the room will result in a marvelous setting. Tip off staff and the room itself could easily be prepared with romance in the air and rose petals formed that surround the centre of the bed.

A hotel will co-operate with you once you‘ve explained the reason behind your romantic stay. A surprise proposal will go a long way and give your potential wife something to remember for a long time. This is the perfect way to pop the question.

Picnic on a sunny day
Outdoor picnics with your favourite wine and food in one of the countries scenic and warm hotspots, is an excellent way to set the mood. Seek out a place that has a special significance for you both or choose a local beauty spot where you will not be disturbed. You could always take it that step further and get a friend to prepare and whilst you‘re out for a walk spring the picnic upon her. The outdoors with the one you love with favourite food and drink is a charming way to go about making a wedding proposal.

Valentine‘s Day proposal for the romantics
Valentines is the most romantic day of the year and engrained deep with tradition for the most hopeless of all the romantics. Make this day one to remember by booking in to your favourite restaurant. With the years that have past, flowers, rings and chocolates may have become the norm so make this year one to remember with a diamond ring. As romantic days go, valentine‘s with a proposal of marriage is probably going to be the most romantic day you have ever had.

Extreme proposals for the adventurous
For the sporty types amongst us who like to indulge in the occasional mountainous stroll why not consider a proposal after a long, hard climb. Whatever your preferred activity from jumping out of planes or even kayaking, why not end the activity on an extreme high? Take extra care with the ring and make sure it‘s placed somewhere safe and sound before you start your adventure.


Author: Christine

Christine has been happily married for many years. In her early career she worked at an established personal introductions agency before launching her own matchmaking service, Flame Introductions. She thrives on helping countless couples from London and around the UK find the love and happiness she has.