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Quiz: Which type of flirt are you?

We each have a “unique dispositional manner of communicating romantic interest”. That’s science for “flirting” – something researchers Jeffrey Hall and Chong Xing say is defined by five different styles.


Women who fall into the category of physical flirts will find subtle ways to touch those they’re attracted to – a pat on the arm here, a brush on the shoulder there. They’ll often be more physical with their own bodies when they’re in “flirt mode” - they might nod encouragingly when the other person talks, gesticulate more often, and keep their hands away from their torsos, demonstrating their desire or availability through "open" body language. 

Male physical flirts will follow similar patterns, though surprisingly they’re more likely to avoid eye contact with someone they fancy, and will rarely give them compliments.

You know you're on the receiving end of a physical flirt if... they take any opportunity to brush you with their hand. A "hello" is always accompanied by a squeeze of the shoulder.


This type of flirt is an old-fashioned romantic who thinks men should make the first move. A traditional female will let her man take the lead, giving him subtle signals like verbal teasing to show him she’s interested. Male traditionalists enjoy coquettish females, and will lean in towards the objects of their desire, demonstrating their interest and dominance over the situation.

You know you're on the receiving end of a traditional male flirt if... they formally invite you for coffee or dinner.

You know you're on the receiving end of a female traditional flirt if... those gazes or come-hither smiles stop abruptly - they're wondering where their date invitation is!


Both male and female flirts in the sincere category will demonstrate their interest by showing a deep and genuine interest in others – asking lots of questions and paying careful attention to the answers. Eye contact is important to the sincere flirt, and in the early stages of courtship they will spend a lot of time exchanging lingering and meaningful gazes. Men, especially, will avoid teasing or joking, flirting to them is a very serious business indeed.

You know you're on the receiving end of a sincere flirt if... you frequently find yourself locked in conversation with them - often giving away more details than you'd intended!


Characteristics like formality and politeness might not appear to have much to do with flirting, but in the early stages of romantic interactions, the polite flirt shies away from coquettishness, lingering glances or touchy-feely interactions, preferring to keep things nice and, well, polite. If you’re a polite flirt, you won’t tease, bat your eyelids or even ask too many questions – often leading the object of your desire to believe you’re not interested at all.

You know you're on the receiving end of a polite flirt if... a dinner invitation is completely unexpected - you had no idea they were interested!


To the playful flirt, flirting is less about showing you’re interested, more just a way of being around people! You enjoy flirting with anyone and anything, whether you find them attractive or not, and will resort to flirting to get your own way, teasing, chest-thrusting (both women and women!) and shoulder-squeezing your way to the head of the queue. Just be careful you don’t give the wrong impressions – those who know you well will know you see flirting as a game and everyone’s invited to play, but those who don’t yet understand your playfulness might come away thinking they’ve a suitor in the making!

You know you're on the receiving end of a playful flirt if... you find yourself being charmed into doing them a favour, and doubting that you're the only one!


Author: Rebecca

Rebecca lives in London with her husband, daughter and dachshund. She hopes her dating blogs for Flame Introductions will inspire you to seek out the best London and UK locations for brilliant dates, and discover some tips along the way to help you find your perfect partner.