• Man proposes with storybook

Gentleman’s proposal is a fairy-tale romance – literally!

A traditional proposal normally involves a handsome ‘prince’ down on one knee and a happy ‘princess’ accepting a glittering diamond, with some fizz and a beautiful location thrown in for good measure. No wonder that so many brides and grooms fondly remember their ‘fairy-tale’ engagements.

But one such prince has taken the idea of a love story to a whole new level – by creating a beautiful picture book to illustrate his love for his prospective bride-to-be.

Up until then Chad Atkins and Kaitlyn Phillips’ relationship had been anything but plain sailing. Though they’d shared a spark since their college dating days, circumstances kept them apart: Kait went off travelling to Vietnam for two years; later still the pair their separate ways when it became clear that life and career plans were to take them to separate states and sometimes even different continents.

But Chad always had a feeling that they were meant to be: “Kaitlyn is not the kind of girl that you easily forget about,” he said. And so in May 2014 he hopped on a plane and flew from his current whereabouts in England to Kaitlyn’s home in New York, where everything “clicked”. “It was finally natural,” he said, proving that sometimes the best relationships are slow-burners. “We complemented each other well and had so much fun just enjoying the other's company.”

Having already wasted so much time as the pair made their own ways in different corners of the globe, Chad decided to seal the deal as soon as possible.

He wrote a poem (see an extract below or read in full on the couple’s wedding page) to describe how he felt about his love, and called on the services of an illustrator to turn it into a picture book called Kaitlyn’s Great Adventure.

“I read it to her and as I got to the line on the last page which asks ‘Kaitlyn, will you be my wife?’ she muttered a tearful ‘yes’ and hugged me,” he revealed. “The wedding will be this summer and we are so excited to start our life together.”

The couple tied the knot in July 2015 and we wish the fabulously romantic Chad and his beautiful bride Kaitlyn all the love and luck in the world.

Kaitlyn's Great Adventure by Chad Atkins

Want to go on an adventure and ride off into the sun?

Let's go on an adventure!

It could be quite fun!


There's a choice up ahead.

But, before we get there…

Let me give you fair warning of some things to beware.


The thing about adventures is…

They are full of surprises!

From slump-slumpety dumps to mind blowing sunrises.

There may be times that are happy, and times that are sad.

You never quite know when you adventure with Chad.


This adventure you see will involve quite a lot,

There is a question I have, which you must give some thought.

The question I'm asking will affect the rest of your life.

And that question is this...


Kaitlyn, will you be my wife?


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