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100 years of engagement rings in under 3 minutes - VIDEO

The Flame Introductions team is partial to a bit of water cooler cooing over a lovely sparkler – and so we’re more than a little bit taken with this gorgeous video highlighting the changing styles of engagement rings over the last century.

Couresty of website, Mode, and antique jewellery experts, Peter Jon Shemonsky, the video traces the ring finger trends from the 1910s to the modern day in just under three minutes – from the classic diamond solitaire mounted on a yellow gold band, popular at the turn of the century, through to the showier, coloured, princess-cut gems on platinum and white gold bands currently all the rage.

Some of the biggest trend shifts can be seen between the 1970s and 1980s, when engagement rings went from elaborate affairs with miniature gemstones surrounding the central rock (this was the era of flock wallpaper, after all), to the rather more pared back, classic and elegant look of the following decade.

The seventies weren’t the only decade where the ring of choice reflected the era’s other key trends. In the 1920s, geometric settings nodded to the rise in Art Deco. In the 1940s, the ubiquitous use of white and yellow gold in ‘war bride rings’ was a result of the rationing of precious metals, while the platinum usage of the post war period told of renewed optimism. As bold shapes and patterns emerged in the fashions of the sixties, demand increased for fancier shaped diamonds – emerald-cut, pear, marquise and heart. See for yourself below.


Author: Rebecca

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