• Dirty Dancing resort

You can stay in the actual Dirty Dancing holiday resort—just don't put Baby in the corner

If you're a fan of the most romantic movie of all time, your dreams just came true. You and your dreamboat will need to fork out for a roundtrip to Virginia, but what's a transatlantic flight to a diehard Swayze fan?

You can now stay in the actual Dirty Dancing holiday resort, complete with a themed weekend that will see you dance to the movie's iconic tunes and even carry your very own watermelon.

Kellerman’s Mountain House, the resort where Baby Francis Houseman transformed from awkward teen into dancer and sex siren extraordinaire thanks to her encounter with the snake-hipped Johnny Castle, is actually called Mountain Lake Lodge and it’s set in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains

You’re invited to attend the Saturday night party (meeting a Patrick Swazee lookalike and falling in love not guaranteed), or even recreate that iconic lift scene in the lake.

There are bijou cabins to stay in, and watermelons strategically placed for you to carry to the party, should you so wish.



Author: Rebecca

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