Dating And Disability

  • July 16, 2014|

  • Christine

We all know it is difficult to find a life partner; someone who really suits you, thinks like you, and enjoys and wants to be in your company.

Dating can be a bit of a minefield, especially for people who have little experience of the dating game. It is one thing looking at a profile, liking their photo, reading about their hobbies and musical interests, but quite another meeting the person in the flesh.

Many of us meet our partners through friends; this way we can pump them for information first and go on the date with at least some knowledge of the person we are about to meet.

We, at Spark Of Love, specialise in finding partners for disabled people and are the ‘friend’ our members turn to for more information on ‘the person in the profile’. We assist and advise because we know every member; quite often we even help to set up the time and date members meet. We liaise with our members, their parents, or carers – in fact, whatever our member is comfortable with!

Some of our members need some dating tips; again, we are happy to help.

Our aim is to make the date fun and enjoyable, as our belief is that dating should not be stressful, it should be a wonderful and enjoyable experience.


Author: Christine

Christine has been happily married for many years. In her early career she worked at an established personal introductions agency before launching her own matchmaking service, Flame Introductions. She thrives on helping countless couples from London and around the UK find the love and happiness she has.