• Groom's suit lined with love messages

With this suit… I thee wed

Here at Flame Introductions we love a wedding. We love traditional church weddings; we love funky, modern weddings in weird and wonderful locations; we pretty much love every type of wedding imaginable.

We especially love the little touches that make the days personal to the brides and grooms. We are constantly being bowled over by the sheer creativity that couples inject into their big days – the innovative favours, the wacky table names and imaginative centrepieces that tell the stories of their love. And since it’s fair to say that brides are the usual driving forces behind the creative detail of a wedding day (we’re generalising here of course), it warms the cockles of our hearts when we hear of a groom with a trick or two up his sleeve.

And in the case of one such groom - graphic designer Nick Reeve, the trick was quite literally up his sleeve…

Like many modern couples, much of Nick and Jen’s getting-to-know-you phase was conducted over email, and like a true romantic, Nick had archived for posterity all those early messages in which the pair swapped stories about their lives – everything from where they grew up and went to school to their hobbies and hopes for the future. “We spent a lot of time messaging each other,” he told Creative Review, “and it became apparent very early on that we got on. Two years later we got engaged.”

As his wedding day to future wife Jen approached, natural creative Nick began to look for ways to incorporate those early testaments to their blossoming romance into the wedding day itself. Perhaps he could read a selection aloud during his speech? Maybe they could be printed on the back of guest’s place names?

Nick struck gold when he met with his British tailor Marc Wallace, who informed him that the silk he’d chosen to line his suit was suitable for printing. The pair concocted a plan to graphically engrave excerpts from the love messages onto a piece of material that would provide a unique inside layer for Nick’s wedding finery. A leftover square would become the pièce de résistance – a little handkerchief adorned with the pair’s introductory emails.

“I wanted to do something meaningful but not overly sentimental or slushy," he says. “Our messages were about ourselves, our lives, our jobs; they weren’t particularly flirtatious - just two people getting to know each other.”

“I approached Marc Wallace, a tailor who works out of Bath and London, about a made-to-measure suit for our wedding. We got chatting and discovered we both had a passion for design. He [said] that it may be nice to come up with a unique design for the lining of the suit. From beginning to end the suit took 12 weeks to make.”

“I managed to keep the lining a secret from Jen until the big day when I could do the big reveal. It went down well on what was an amazingly happy and emotional day.”

“As a designer who left college in the early 90s, and has seen huge changes in design, I like the fact the idea combines new technology with the very traditional art of bespoke tailoring. But most of all I Iove the back story and the fact that what started out as a conversation between two strangers has ended up very happily indeed.”

We also love the fact that unusually it wasn’t just the bride’s dress that got all the attention at the alter – though we’re sure Jen looked fabulous too. Huge congratulations, Mr and Mrs Reeve, may you have a lifetime of happiness together.

Images: Creative Review


Author: Rebecca

Rebecca lives in London with her husband, daughter and dachshund. She hopes her dating blogs for Flame Introductions will inspire you to seek out the best London and UK locations for brilliant dates, and discover some tips along the way to help you find your perfect partner.