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Loved up couples reveal the unusual ways they found one another...

After it was revealed that a single man had bought a billboard space to ask out someone he fancied, the nation has been clamouring to reveal their own wonderful stories of true love found in unexpected or hilarious circumstances.

If you, like us, love an unusual love story, then curl up and enjoy some of these heart-warming tales...

“My husband lost a bet and as a forfeit his friends told him he had to take me on a date! But he must have liked what he saw [because] It’s our 40th wedding anniversary his week!" S Warren

“Met my husband on Facebook when I was house bound with a dislocated knee, [and] we started chatting. About to celebrate out 6th wedding anniversary together!” Cheryl S

“Got chatting to my husband through Facebook. We found out we had nearly met each other on a few occasions as for a year I had lived in the block of flats next to his Nan, who he visited daily, then I had moved into a flat that was directly underneath his for a few years (he remembers seeing me walking past him but we never spoke)! We were also both working at the same place as each other for a year. When we met up we also discovered that his ex and my ex had had an affair together behind both of our backs a few years before. We’ve now been together 10 years and married for 5 years this April.” Kerrie H

“Met my hubby over currant buns! I was a Saturday girl in a bakery; his mum was the shop manageress. He walked in to see her, I made a comment ‘Wow, who was that?” to be told ‘That’s my son!’ He kept popping back every Saturday – something previously he never did. I was 15 [and] he was 17. [We’ve] been together 48 years; married for 44. We were so young but have grown together and are young enough to enjoy our grandchildren growing up! Perfect!" C Moors

“I met my husband on my doorstep when he was collecting the milk money. He mentioned about going for a drink and my Mum who was standing behind me disappeared and came back with my full name and phone number on a piece of paper! After that we would leave each other notes on the doorstep. This year we will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on the same day as our youngest daughter celebrates her 1st.” June B

“I'm a police officer, my husband is a paramedic. We met when I was a brand new officer being tutored. I attended my first sudden death and he was the attending paramedic. No foul play as far as the death was concerned but I like to say we met over a dead body! Nearly 16 years later, I like to think the lovely old lady was working some magic.” Helen M

“Met my husband on a blind date. He moved in the next day and we've been together for 19 years!” K Northfield

“Mine was a Valentine's card through the door of my now husband who was a neighbour. We'd never even spoken. And now, here we are, together 13 years, married nearly 8, with 2 daughters.” A Morris

“He was a customer, very persistent – he asked me out for over a year, then he went back home to Scotland. We spoke over the phone, I eventually agreed to have a date so he bought me an airfare ticket to Scotland and there was our first date! We have been married for 11 years with 3 children, I'm very blessed to have him in my world.” Michelle M

Source: www.facebook.com/thismorning. Comments have been edited for brevity and grammatical accuracy.


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Author: Rebecca

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