• Couple in love sit through armed robbery in bar

This couple are so in love they don't notice they're in an armed robbery

A young couple from Montana have set a new standard in loved-upness, after being caught on camera whispering sweet nothings... oblivious to the fact that there's an armed robbery taking place in the bar they're sat in!

They say love can be blind, and for this pair that's certainly the truth, as they snuggle and canoodle on two bar stools while an armed assailant points a handgun at the guy who just served them drinks and his two accomplices raid the cash register - all this despite one gun-wielding robber coming within inches of them. 

It wasn't until the criminals made it away with an undisclosed sum of cash, that the couple were alerted to the fracas by the barman sounding an alarm - at which point the other, terrified patrons filled them in on what they'd missed. Watch the video below.

Image: Via Mashable.


Author: Rebecca

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