• Ted video how to change someone's mind

VIDEO: How to change someone's mind

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you’ll have wished at some point that you could change someone’s mind.

Whether it’s trying to convince someone that things just aren’t working out between you, or simply making your other half see that pizza is the best choice for tonight’s take-out, we all sometimes wish we could influence others to see things differently, or, rather, from our own perspective.

In this cute video talk, a scientist explains that something we all get wrong when trying to change someone’s view is to rely on logic and facts. We think that if we simply show them the data that proves we’re right and they’re wrong, then they’ll follow suit and come around to our way of thinking.

But that seldom works. And that’s because when we present facts, we’re neglecting to consider the values and beliefs of the other person. Instead of thinking about that facts that are meaningful to ourselves and our own values and beliefs, we must instead present facts that appeal to the owner of the mind we intend to change.  

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Author: Rebecca

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