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Don't let body shakers damage your dating confidence

Have you been body shamed because of your weight, hair or even your eyebrows or the size of your feet? Sadly, you’re in good company.

A survey has found that over half of adults have been on the receiving end of an unpleasant comment about their appearance within the last year, with one in ten receiving criticism for their looks in the past week alone.

Weight is the most common target of body shaming, while skin, hair and height are other areas prone to nasty comments.

Zoe Griffiths, global director of nutrition at wellness company WW, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s clear that many are struggling with their body confidence, often due to comments from others which is really sad to see.

“The research is clear - weight stigma, including negative beliefs people carry about themselves, actually get in the way of a person’s efforts to be healthier. We strongly oppose body shaming and weight-based bias anywhere it shows up such as in the media, the workplace, the medical field, and in relationships.”

The study found that a quarter have experienced a negative comment from their own family members in the past 12 months. Worryingly, friends were revealed as the most likely to comment on someone’s appearance with one in four saying their peers have made remarks about their body in the last year.

These types of experiences have, unsurprisingly, led to two in five feeling insecure, embarrassed and humiliated.

While the survey looked at all adults, we thought it was important we featured this on the Flame Introductions blog. If you’re single and thinking about dipping your toe in the dating pool, or if you’ve just met someone you like and are enjoying some fun, early dates, then your self-confidence is a precious and vulnerable thing. While a nasty comment about your appearance is still likely to sting, we hope that the knowledge that this is sadly not uncommon, will help you deal with it, to draw strength and move on.

If there’s any good news to come out of the survey, it’s that one in five people believe we are in a new age which encourages positivity, with 39% describing themselves as body positive. High five to that. 


Author: Rebecca

Rebecca lives in London with her husband, daughter and dachshund. She hopes her dating blogs for Flame Introductions will inspire you to seek out the best London and UK locations for brilliant dates, and discover some tips along the way to help you find your perfect partner.