• Viral wedding photograph taken by falling photographer

This has to be the best wedding photograph ever

Wedding photographer has to be up there with the best jobs in the world. You get to spend your working days watching couples celebrate their love with their nearest and dearest, and pouring over your shots of beautiful brides and gorgeous grooms, deciding which will make the cut for their wedding albums. Bliss!

But perhaps the job should come with a hazard health warning. After all, the combination of high-running emotions, cake knife-wielding bridezillas, jealous bridesmaids, drunken uncles and dangerously bad dad dancing puts relationship counselling, endless patience and arbitration skills high up on the photographer’s job description.

Then there’s the fact that the camera doesn’t lie. Back in the dark room, the photographer’s list of potential album snaps might whittle down like confetti if he or she has managed to capture the best man checking out the bridesmaid or the groomsman scowling at his new mother-in-law. Such bloopers have the power to skyrocket around the Internet, bringing shame, embarrassment or mortification to the newlyweds. Other times, the wedding photographer finds himself at the centre of the drama, even though he’s behind the lens…

@jimmyfallon Slipped and fell while photographing a wedding party. Snapped a pic on the way down. #weddingfail pic.twitter.com/1RFdCCQ5rO

— Chase Richardson (@Chase_Rich) June 3, 2015


Such was the case when photographer Chase Richardson snapped this photo during the nuptials of Kristina and Will Moore at the McClain Lodge in Brandon, Mississippi, United States. After congregating the wedding party under a covered patio where they could shelter from the rain, Richardson slipped in a puddle and hit the ground face on, cutting open his finger and smashing his lens in the process.

“First thought was just hoping he was okay, it was a pretty nasty fall,” said the groom. “We saw there was blood on his hand and hoped he wasn't hurt too bad. He got up and went right back to work though.”

It wasn’t until Richardson came to edit the day’s images that he realised he’d captured the precise moment he’d headed south. And the looks on the wedding party’s faces are priceless!

We think Mr and Mrs Moore and their gathering still look gorgeous, and this picture is definitely one for the mantelpiece. Many congratulations from Flame Introductions.

Image: @Chase_Rich


Author: Rebecca

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