• Avocado proposal

People are proposing...with avocados

It's been hailed as a superfood, but now the humble avocado is making headlines for another reason... it's usefulness in the engagement stakes.

Avocado lovers everywhere are stopping out the stones and using the resulting hollow as a space to hide a sparkler.

Fruity proposer Ben Stevenson (pictured below, mid proposal) told Cosmopolitan.com: “For Christmas of 2015, I surprised my then-girlfriend Taylor Selby with a trip to Bali and the surrounding islands, a place she'd dreamed of visiting for a few years. I planned to propose within the first few days of our trip, but Taylor fell ill, so I decided to wait until later on when we'd be on the Gili Islands beach at sunset. I found the perfect spot for a picnic, and we took a few photos. Then I told Taylor how much I loved her, got down one knee, and gave her a box holding an avocado with the ring inside.”

“At our first hotel's restaurant, I asked for their best whole, uncut avocado. But by the time we reached the island and Taylor was feeling better, it wasn't looking as perfect as I'd hoped — I'd lugged it around for two days in the heat, and there were no alternatives available. I was determined to stick with my plan and knew the proposal part was the important bit — not what the ring was in!

“She instantly said ‘Yes’. and we wiped off the ring to put on her finger. She thought the avocado was the most creative thing I had done for her and absolutely loved how thoughtful it was. She also made sure that we were going to eat it at some point.

“When I proposed to Taylor two years ago, I never would have guessed that this would become a trend, nor that avocados would become so popular! On our end, it wasn't wasteful considering the fact we ended up eating the avocado. I think people should propose to their partner in whichever way that is meaningful and speaks true to the two of them.”

We wish this lovely couple all the very best when they say "I (avoca)do"!

Image: instagram.com/qualitygoldinc


Author: Rebecca

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