• Autism couple prepare to marry in all autism wedding

A wedding with bells on for autistic couple

Here at Flame Introductions we firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to share their lives and their happiness with that special person.

Since we started making personal introductions for adults with mild disabilities, we’ve been delighted to see so many of them find the partner of their dreams, and break down barriers and disability stereotypes in the process.

We’d like to extend our warm congratulations to Anita Lesko and Abraham Talmage Nielsen on their September nuptials. And also give the couple a great big high five for the very special way they’ve gone about putting their big day together.

The pair – who became friends through their autism support group before romance developed on a first date at an Italian restaurant – want to show the world that people with autism can and do have wonderful, lasting relationships. And so they’re inviting other members of the autism community to join them at their public celebrations at the Love & Autism conference taking place in San Diego today (26th September 2015).

Individuals with autism – a neurological disorder characterised by difficulties with social interactions and sensory overload in situations like noisy public spaces – can find it difficult to build and maintain relationships. But Anita and Abraham are proof that it’s possible.

And despite the communication problems that can also be a factor in autism, the couple have no issues sharing their love for one another: “He brings my life to life,” says Anita, a nurse anesthetist. “Her beautiful radiant soul is like the birth of a star that reaches out to me,” says draftsman Abraham. Sob!

In sharing their special day with others with this disorder, they’re sending a clear message that happily ever after is a reality for people on the autism spectrum. But they also want to give others the opportunity to attend this type of social event – something that people with autism often find themselves excluded from, starting in childhood; while many autistic children are bullied, many more simply find themselves ignored and not included in group gatherings. In fact, for both Anita and Abraham, their own nuptials will be the very first wedding that they’re going to attend.

It will also be a first for many of their guests, including their officiate, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearer, ushers, cake baker, DJ, photographer and harpist – all of whom are on the autism spectrum.

“Our Mission Statement: To share with the millions of people around the world on the Autism Spectrum and their families, that love, relationships, and marriage ARE possible,” reads a message on the couple’s website.

A beautiful gesture from a beautiful couple. Anita and Abraham, we wish you all the very best for your lives together.

Image: Anita’s blog bornwithaspergers.com



Author: Rebecca

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