How to combat loneliness [VIDEO PLAYLIST]

24 Apr 2020 ‐ As lockdown continues, many of us are feeling isolated and alone...

10 bizarre facts about Valentine’s Day

10 Feb 2020 ‐ Bonkers trivia about the national day of lovers.

Weekend loneliness is a real and common problem

09 Feb 2020 ‐ It can be a difficult 48 hours for single people.

Single this January? You’re by no means alone

08 Feb 2020 ‐ It's a lonely time of year for many – and for a reason you might not expect.

Loved up couples reveal the unusual ways they found one another...

07 Feb 2020 ‐ They'll bring joy and hope to your heart...

Heinz and Fortnum & Mason launch ketchup-flavoured truffles just in time for Valentine’s Day!

06 Feb 2020 ‐ It's chocolate, but not as you know it...

Long time no speak? It's the time of year to be wary of this new dating trend

31 Jan 2020 ‐ Old flame back in touch? Be wary...

How to have better conversations on dates (or anywhere else)

28 Jan 2020 ‐ If you're looking for a new year resolution, this has to be up there...

In celebration of first kisses (VIDEO)

24 Jan 2020 ‐ A glorious little animation celebrating the wonders of the first kiss.

Advice from an expert in being rejected

23 Jan 2020 ‐ Time to let go of ghosts and live the life you deserve...

Experts say that saying these two words to your partner could help save your relationship

17 Jan 2020 ‐ And they're probably not the words you're expecting...

Buddying up with partner is best way to achieve your 2020 goal

14 Jan 2020 ‐ It'll add a new dimension to your dating life too...

Take your date to a gig and you'll live longer!

09 Jan 2020 ‐ Swapping coffee dates for concert dates could transform your health...

The couple of fell in love on a speed awareness course

23 Dec 2019 ‐ Proof that love can find you any time, any where...

Predictive text: Are your phone messages defining your success in love?

19 Dec 2019 ‐ Drop those apostrophes at your peril...

Dogs are a couple’s best friend

16 Dec 2019 ‐ Our food-legged friends can be pawsome for relationships too...

The worst Christmas presents ever received by couples

12 Dec 2019 ‐ If any of these are on your shopping list, best rethink!

The Flame guide to dating over Christmas

10 Dec 2019 ‐ It's the most magical time of the year, but if you've just started seeing someone it might throw up challenges too...

How your love life literally effects the shape of your heart - VIDEO

04 Dec 2019 ‐ Our beating hearts are imbued with loving metaphors – and for good reason.

Don't let body shakers damage your dating confidence

28 Nov 2019 ‐ It's more common than you might realise...

Planning to propose this Christmas? Then you'll be needing the diamond-a-day advent calendar

23 Nov 2019 ‐ It'll set you back £100,000

The Great Lovers Series: Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

21 Nov 2019 ‐ They've just celebrated 72 years of marriage...

Bride makes groom take Beyonce exam before she agrees to marry him

04 Nov 2019 ‐ He put a ring on it, but that wasn't enough for one bride to be.

The romantic origins of Halloween

30 Oct 2019 ‐ The October festival was once considered the best night of the year for finding a mate...

Dogfishing: the latest 'trend' to make online dating even harder!

27 Oct 2019 ‐ Man's best friend might not be a dater's best friend...

Autism: a special animation that explains the condition

23 Oct 2019 ‐ Autism can make amazing things happen...

The laws of attraction: scientists admit they know less now than they did a decade ago!

19 Oct 2019 ‐ Love's a mystery and perhaps we should leave it at that...

5 beautiful photographs of London in autumn to inspire romantic October dates

18 Oct 2019 ‐ Come on in lovers, the city's lovely...

VIDEO: 4 romantic dinners for a delicious date night

15 Oct 2019 ‐ Gorgeous dinners to set the mood for a cosy date night.

The Curse of Strictly: Five couples who fell victim

10 Oct 2019 ‐ Let's be honest: you wouldn't let your partner go on Strictly, would you?

Keep your extreme proposals, thanks guys!

04 Oct 2019 ‐ Marriage proposals should never involved a hijacking...

Sudden Repulsion Syndrome: Is this the reason you’re suddenly over your ex?

28 Sep 2019 ‐ He blew his nose, and now I can't bear to kiss him.... Hmmm.

Is it ok to date a friend's ex?

25 Sep 2019 ‐ Not according to this survey, but that doesn't necessarily stop some people...

70-year-old love letters reunited with their owner

18 Sep 2019 ‐ Get your hankies ready to read this story...

How to create the perfect road trip for you and your other half

01 Sep 2019 ‐ What could be more romantic than you, your other half and the open road?

A diagnosis of ASD in adulthood can be a healthy boost for a relationship

29 Aug 2019 ‐ Relationships between people on the spectrum and neurotypical partners can and do work.

How to get over heartbreak without the help of 730,000 matchsticks

24 Aug 2019 ‐ Because not everyone is a stick modelling fanatic...

Dating nightmares: What happens when the wine bill turns up

20 Aug 2019 ‐ Never mind going double dutch...

VIDEO: How to let someone down gently

15 Aug 2019 ‐ Honesty is the best policy...

First kisses: hilarious stories from the internet

13 Aug 2019 ‐ Smooching. Snogging. Locking lips. Whatever you want to call it, there's a first time for everything. And it's sometimes funny...

Ten reasons why you don't have to act your 'couple age'

05 Aug 2019 ‐ First date at LEGO-land anyone?

The Great Lovers Series: Jamie & Jools Oliver

29 Jul 2019 ‐ The couple are about the tie the knot again...

What makes a voice sexy?

25 Jul 2019 ‐ Women might be getting this one wrong...

How to let failed past relationships be your greatest strength – VIDEO

20 Jul 2019 ‐ Don't let regrets hold you back from newfound happiness.

Surprise! Partners reveal the most astonishing things they've caught their other halves doing...

29 Jun 2019 ‐ One actually went to work without trousers on...

When it comes to relationship satisfaction, size really does matter, survey finds...

26 Jun 2019 ‐ We know what you're thinking, and it's not that...

Woman catches husband in lie; sells his most beloved possession for £5...

22 Jun 2019 ‐ He won't be making that mistake again...

Puffins win at love [video]

18 Jun 2019 ‐ We love a tale of romance from the animal kingdom...

Relationship dilemmas: is it ok to pick off your date’s plate?!

13 Jun 2019 ‐ We all know Joey from Friends doesn't share food. But do you?

Play the dating game in London's new 'Sherlock' bar!

05 Jun 2019 ‐

We may be able to spot love cheats, just be looking at them

29 May 2019 ‐ Watch out for those strong jawlines...

Bride invents brilliant hack from IKEA bag ahead of her big day

21 May 2019 ‐ It's pure genius and it only cost 80 cents!

The calming technique that could help reduce your first-date anxiety

15 May 2019 ‐ A 30-second breathing technique that can banish niggly nerves.

Victorian women share the reasons why they're single – and they're hilarious and brilliant

10 May 2019 ‐ They weren't shy about coming forward, that's for sure...

Searching for true love? Get a dog

30 Apr 2019 ‐ More than half of pet owners find it easier to socialise.

Is modern dating just another 'trend'?

27 Apr 2019 ‐ And if so, what does it say about the times we live in?

Last chance to date at this blooming gorgeous gin bar

23 Apr 2019 ‐ London dates don't come much more romantic, but there's only a few weeks to go...

Here come...the brides?

19 Apr 2019 ‐ Because why should a wedding dress only be worn once?

We have so much in common, we just don't always notice it

16 Apr 2019 ‐ A TV ad from Denmark reminds us that the world is full of connections waiting to be made.

Rejection therapy: what's it all about?

05 Apr 2019 ‐ Hype or hope for lovers in waiting?

Dying Mum sends a secret message to daughter for her wedding day

29 Mar 2019 ‐ Grab a tissue, this one is emotional...

Are you up for a bit of refriger-dating?

25 Mar 2019 ‐ Are the contents of your fridge the key to everlasting love?

Four Weddings & A Funeral Gets A Sequel!

22 Mar 2019 ‐ Is it still raining? We hadn't noticed...

The best places in London to see cherry blossom this spring

20 Mar 2019 ‐ Romantic strolls are officially back on the agenda...

You can stay in the actual Dirty Dancing holiday resort—just don't put Baby in the corner

28 Feb 2019 ‐ If you're a fan of the most romantic movie of all time, your dreams just came true.

The couple that hunts serial killers together, stays together

20 Feb 2019 ‐ Nights in aren't just about Netflix anymore...

Thinking about popping the question? How about a £1 engagement ring...

13 Feb 2019 ‐ Because why not?

A 1958 magazine article called '129 ways to get a husband' is sending the internet into meltdown

11 Feb 2019 ‐ Hysterical and horrifying in equal measures...

The couple from the Woodstock album cover are still married!

07 Feb 2019 ‐ Their iconic image became of a symbol of love and peace...

The number one mistake every newly single person makes

04 Feb 2019 ‐ Will you be single forever? Fat chance.

The first date and why it's not that big a deal

28 Jan 2019 ‐ Let's keep things in perspective...

Revealed: The problems with dating websites and apps...

21 Jan 2019 ‐ When they're good they're good, but when they're bad...

Revealed: The top ten ways to say 'I love you'

14 Jan 2019 ‐ So many ways to show someone you care...

5 ways to beat the January blues and stay focussed on your relationship goals

10 Jan 2019 ‐ An essential read for singletons contemplating winter hibernation...

5 New Year Resolutions to improve your relationships in 2019

31 Dec 2018 ‐ It's the time for new beginnings...

Five top tips for starting a conversation

27 Dec 2018 ‐ Improve your chat and who knows where it might lead...

Research finds Brits prefer meeting face-to-face to online...

18 Dec 2018 ‐ Real life contact wins every time...

Man ruins romantic weekend by saying what he really thinks...

15 Dec 2018 ‐ He's been telling big fat porkies...

Take a romantic stroll this Christmas through Kew's magical cathedral of lights

12 Dec 2018 ‐ This light-filled extravaganza takes some beating...

These grooms have just treated us to the best wedding dance in history

30 Nov 2018 ‐ They even nailed The Lift...

A new blog celebrates the wonderful ways it's possible to meet and fall in love

23 Nov 2018 ‐ There are many many ways that boy can meet girl...

3 of the best hot chocolates in London

16 Nov 2018 ‐ For cosy calorie-heavy dates.

'Til Death Do Us Part? Woman announces her engagement to a ghost

13 Nov 2018 ‐ We've heard it all now...

5 facts about hugging to warm up your day

07 Nov 2018 ‐ There's more to hugging than meets the eye...

Mr Darcy: dashing romantic hero or the ultimate negger?

26 Oct 2018 ‐ The experts say Jane Austen's hero is a best avoided negger...

VIDEO: How to build and repair trust

22 Oct 2018 ‐ Trust. It's the cornerstone of relationships but how do you create and keep it?

Best London fireworks displays for Guy Fawkes night 2018 date nights

20 Oct 2018 ‐ For sparkly evenings that will keep the flame alive...

3 things we learned when Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank

17 Oct 2018 ‐ The second royal wedding of 2018 threw up a surprise or two...

VIDEO: How to change someone's mind

30 Sep 2018 ‐ Ever wishes you could make someone see things from your perspective?

A pair of love birds holding hands goes viral...

25 Sep 2018 ‐ And they're having a 'flipping' good time together...

Relationship report cards rate most partners 'B minus'

20 Sep 2018 ‐ The results are in and they're not pretty...

The Hunger Games actor Sam Claflin reveals the gorgeous moment he met his wife

17 Sep 2018 ‐ It's straight out of a Hollywood rom-com...

Dad and three-year-old give us all a lesson in great first dates

13 Sep 2018 ‐ She's one lucky little girl...

A neat little idea to improve your conversations in love

31 Aug 2018 ‐ Because it's good to talk...

The great lovers series: Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

27 Aug 2018 ‐ This golden company defy Hollywood odds.

Whispering sweet nothings in The Whispering Gallery

21 Aug 2018 ‐ St Paul's Cathedral has a beautiful secret for lovers.

Things never said by couples while assembling IKEA furniture [VIDEO]

15 Aug 2018 ‐ Flatpack furniture is the death of relationships.

Are these really the traits most likely to make you datable?

10 Aug 2018 ‐

How do you measure trust in a relationship?

31 Jul 2018 ‐ Do you know exactly what it would take to trust your partner?

The video that proves you're never too old to find love

25 Jul 2018 ‐ He's 97 years young and still going strong...

How not to deal with rejection—based on the worst first date ever!

17 Jul 2018 ‐ It's like a masterclass in how not to deal with an unsuccessful date...

How to deal with being ghosted—an expert guide [VIDEO]

11 Jul 2018 ‐ It hurts, but there are ways to bounce back stronger.

Meghan Markle’s quotes on love

05 Jul 2018 ‐ She bagged Britain's most eligible bachelor so she's doing something right...

The number one fashion faux pas for daters...

29 Jun 2018 ‐ It's a super easy one to avoid...

Our favourite rooftop venue for after work dates this summer

22 Jun 2018 ‐ A gorgeous location for balmy summer nights...

Rent a loving llama for your wedding day (yes, really!)

15 Jun 2018 ‐ It's one way to ensure your wedding day isn't one your guests will forget...

Tea slurper? The little things really do matter in relationships...

08 Jun 2018 ‐ When annoying habits get a little too annoying...

Easy-to-make desserts guaranteed to impress...

01 Jun 2018 ‐ A romantic picnic in the park is incomplete without one of these...

5 ways to go to IKEA and leave with your relationship intact

29 May 2018 ‐ Buying a Billy bookcase doesn't have to lead to heartbreak.

A marriage therapist shares the secrets of desire in long term relationships

22 May 2018 ‐ It's not what you might expect...

Susan Sarandon says this place is the best place in London for a first date

15 May 2018 ‐ It's not your typical coffee shop meet-up...

Is phubbing the reason you're single?

08 May 2018 ‐ Put down your smartphone...

Adele hangs up her microphone to become... a wedding planner?

01 May 2018 ‐ Watch out Christine... there's a new professional matchmaker in town...

People are proposing...with avocados

27 Apr 2018 ‐ The superfood is doubling up as a proposal prop...

Holding hands with your loved one eases pain

20 Apr 2018 ‐ The power of love has been proven by science...

One for the girls—super quick hairstyles that are perfect for dates (VIDEO)

13 Apr 2018 ‐ Simple, stylish and super quick...

It's being called "London's prettiest cafe"...

06 Apr 2018 ‐ And it's perfect for coffee dates...

Does the right partner make you a better, 'cleaner' person?

01 Apr 2018 ‐ Is falling in love the path to self improvement?

Cringe! Reddit users reveal the most embarrassing things they've done for love...

29 Mar 2018 ‐ Love makes fools of us all...

Official: The 17 secrets to everlasting love

23 Mar 2018 ‐ The life work of one man can keep your relationship on track...

A beautiful message about love with the power to change the world...

16 Mar 2018 ‐ What if everybody remembered that we're all somebody's child?

If you like bubbles, this could be your favourite new date venue

12 Mar 2018 ‐ The bubbles are about to get to your head...

Woman marries man she met while he was living under a bush

07 Mar 2018 ‐ They say love finds you when you least expect it and nobody knows that more than this pairing...

Is sleep ruining your love life?

11 Feb 2018 ‐ The couple that dreams together, stays together...

Stuck for Valentine's gift ideas? Survey proves it really is the thought that counts

09 Feb 2018 ‐ It's not about how much you spend...

New York woman reveals what it's like to date with a disability

06 Feb 2018 ‐ Navigating the challenges of finding love as a wheelchair user...

71-year-old Baronet seeks rich woman with helicopter licence...

03 Feb 2018 ‐ Ladies, form an orderly queue...

Woman falls in love and plans to marry... her favourite computer game

01 Feb 2018 ‐ A Florida woman has dumped her calculator and taken up with her favourite puzzle techno game...

5 love hacks for daters who are short of time (i.e. everyone)

31 Jan 2018 ‐ Creative tips for time-strapped daters.

The great lovers series: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

24 Jan 2018 ‐ Move over Middletons. There's a new fairytale relationship for the 21st century...

Science proves love really can make you crazy

18 Jan 2018 ‐ It's not all hearts and flowers...

Bleak winter: the perfect time to get scent-imental about love

12 Jan 2018 ‐ January: not the most fun month of the year, but perhaps the best smelling?

5 quotes that are perfect for anyone suffering from low self-esteem

10 Jan 2018 ‐

2 last chance 'magical' London dates

10 Jan 2018 ‐ Days and nights out in the big smoke - ending soon.

An extraordinary Christmas Eve love letter from a soldier to his wife in 1914

22 Dec 2017 ‐ This wonderful World War One letter is a reminder that Christmas is really just about love.

This is how long it takes to get over an ex—and what you should eat while you're in heartbreak mode...

19 Dec 2017 ‐

Stay-at-home date nights are growing in popularity (crazy balancing acts on beds optional)

15 Dec 2017 ‐ Staying in is the new going out—and relationships are all the better for it, say couples...

Most romantic Christmas traditions from around the world: Part Two

08 Dec 2017 ‐

Most romantic Christmas traditions from around the world: Part One

01 Dec 2017 ‐ While us Brits are snogging under the mistletoe, others are following their own coupley Christmas traditions.

London: 5 great date ideas for winter days and nights

30 Nov 2017 ‐ London at Christmas is a giant winter wonderland for lovers...

First date goals: sipping a G&T inside the world's best cocktail bar

03 Nov 2017 ‐ As first dates locations go, this one will take some beating...

The top 50 worst turn offs revealed

30 Oct 2017 ‐ If you're trying to impress, you might want to memorise this list...

Is there a moment when you just know someone's 'The One'?

27 Oct 2017 ‐ Is there a magic moment when you realise your significant other is the most significant one of all?

What is love? A five minute animation raises some of life's biggest questions...

23 Oct 2017 ‐ Everyone wants to find true love. But have you ever stopped and thought about what love really is?

Chemistry: can you really have it with just anyone?

20 Oct 2017 ‐ Every dater is looking for that instant spark, but can it be cultivated and if so how?

Blind date success stories: famous couples who called in the matchmakers

16 Oct 2017 ‐ Thinking of enlisting the help of a professional matchmaker? Find out what happened when these celebrities went on a blind date...

Are you dating someone "out of your league"? You're not alone...

13 Oct 2017 ‐ Whether you're the beauty or the beast, it might not matter, study shows...

5 times Taylor Swift made the world believe anything is possible in love

09 Oct 2017 ‐ She's still searching for her one true love, but there's something about Taylor Swift's approach to relationships that gives us all relationship goals.

Dealing with first date nerves: top advice from the luckiest in love

02 Oct 2017 ‐ Reddit users dish out their advice for dealing with pre-date jitters...

"C U 8er!" Or maybe not. Studies show that poor grammar is big turn off

22 Sep 2017 ‐ If you're not getting the callbacks, you might want to brush up on your grammar...

Middle class chat up lines take the Internet by storm

15 Sep 2017 ‐ If you're looking for proof chat-up lines don't work, you're in the right place...

Dating is a "sign of modern bravery"

01 Sep 2017 ‐ Putting yourself out there might be terrifying—but it's totally worth it.

Why it's ok to want to change something about your other half

31 Aug 2017 ‐ It's time to forget the conventional wisdom about accepting your partner, warts and all...

Made mistakes in past relationships? Here's why that's a good thing...

24 Aug 2017 ‐ If you've ever wasted time beating yourself up for past mistakes, read this...

Dating hack: chill a bottle of wine in less than three minutes

17 Aug 2017 ‐ For those times you head back to yours and there's a total absence of wine a-chilling...

The older generation make the canniest daters...

15 Aug 2017 ‐ New research flips on its head the conventional wisdom about love and dating later in life...

Looking for a blue-eyed boy or girl? Here's why you might be disappointed...

10 Aug 2017 ‐ If blue eyes are on your partner wish list, you might want to reconsider...

A woman advertises for a wedding date on Twitter, and three years later they're married!

05 Aug 2017 ‐ It's the kind of love story that makes you believe in 'meant to be'...

The five languages of love—and how to speak them

31 Jul 2017 ‐ Forget hearts and flowers—true communication is the key to relationship success.

The great lovers series: George & Amal Clooney

25 Jul 2017 ‐ How this sickeningly gorgeous couple hit it off from date one...

Improve your chances of 'clicking' on a first date with this one simple tip

21 Jul 2017 ‐ It's partly down to chemistry, but what if you could do something to up your chances of the big click?

Meet the woman who wore her engagement ring for a whole year without realising it!

18 Jul 2017 ‐ This story is all sorts of wonderful...

Beach dates: get sand between your toes this summer in London

14 Jul 2017 ‐ Your little slice of Malibu in the big smoke...

VIDEO Here's why you should always be yourself on a first date...

30 Jun 2017 ‐ One first dates reveals why she's determined never to hide her true self...

10 things loved-up Reddit users want you to know before you go on a first date

27 Jun 2017 ‐ The oracle of the Internet has spoken...

Is this one of the most important questions you can ask on a first date?

20 Jun 2017 ‐ Are musical tastes—and differences—more important than you might think?

The Sherlock Holmes guide to dating

13 Jun 2017 ‐ Just a little bit of detective work can boost your dating confidence no end...

Dating rule number one: stay off Facebook

06 Jun 2017 ‐ It's official: swiping away on your smartphone is bad for your love life...

We'll do anything for love, but we won't do that...

01 Jun 2017 ‐ We've finally figured out what Meatloaf was talking about

The Great lovers series: Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell

27 May 2017 ‐ They've been together for 34 years - a lifetime and then some by Hollywood standards.

Sheryl Sandberg has a message for women - and this time it concerns love

23 May 2017 ‐ The author of 'Lean In' wants women to say it like it is - across the dinner table as much the board room table.

Grooms recall the first moment they saw their bride walking down the aisle - and it's adorable

19 May 2017 ‐ Hankies at the ready as these loved up grooms get all sentimental...

How to spot a liar - a Harvard scholar has the answers

15 May 2017 ‐ Is your fledging partner telling you the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth?

Do you eat differently when you're on a date? Science says you probably do...

04 May 2017 ‐ Do you revert to a gender stereotype when you step into a restaurant with a new partner?

A romantic Provence-inspired date, just 15 miles from London

27 Apr 2017 ‐ As romance goes you can't beat a springtime stroll through the lavender fields of Provence. But this London gem comes in a close second...

Why do we love? A beautiful animation exploring the history of thinking about romantic unions

21 Apr 2017 ‐ What's the purpose of love? A 5-minute animation explores how history's great thinkers have answered this question...

We're all head over heels in puppy love with Sebastian and Lulu's engagement shoot

14 Apr 2017 ‐ Two Washington waggie tails are so loved up it's untrue...

Women reveal the best compliment they've ever received from a date

08 Apr 2017 ‐ Every woman likes to be told they're gorgeous, but you might be surprised by the words they'd rather hear...

How do you know if someone fancies you? The Internet has the answer...

31 Mar 2017 ‐ Reddit users come out in full force to share their insight on this age-old dating question.

It's London cheesiest date... but you might want to leave it to date number four, five or six...

23 Mar 2017 ‐ The perfect low key date... once you're comfortable making a mess in front of each other...

After 37 years of marriage, this couple are still... wearing matching outfits!

14 Mar 2017 ‐ This coordinated couple from Japan are giving the Internet relationship goals...

Love Actually is getting a sequel - and it's a case of happily ever after for our favourite couple [CONTAINS SPOILERS]

10 Mar 2017 ‐ Everyone's favourite love story is getting a sequel for Red Nose Day...

Spring is the season of hope and optimism - and the perfect time to start dating

08 Mar 2017 ‐ Psychologists say this is the perfect time to let go of the old and ring in new changes...

The Great lovers series: David & Victoria Beckham

13 Feb 2017 ‐ This longterm couple has had their ups and downs, but they still give us all relationship goals...

5 Love quotes to inspire the poet in you this Valentine's Day

08 Feb 2017 ‐ Stuck for words to line that Valentine's card? Be inspired by these romantic words...

Get crafty this Valentine's Day

08 Feb 2017 ‐ A lovely little date to add a touch of panache to your Valentine's Day card...

Choccywoccydoodah versus Dark Sugars: The battle of the chocolate-themed Valentine's Dates

07 Feb 2017 ‐ You have to love them for the name alone...

This Valentine's dessert will blow your mind (and your diet)

07 Feb 2017 ‐ A pudding so delicious it should probably be illegal...

Twitter falls in love with Tom from The Undateables all over again

03 Feb 2017 ‐ The star of 2016 looks set to grow his army of female fans as he makes a welcome return to the Channel 4 show.

The Undateables 2017: Episode 5 Roundup (Richard, James and Daniel return to our screens)

31 Jan 2017 ‐ Three past contributors prove that resilience is key to finding true love...


30 Jan 2017 ‐

The Undateables star Tom Morgan is back with an important message for young men

30 Jan 2017 ‐ The Welsh rugby player and star of The Undateables is still looking for love - but he's another life goal to share too...

The Undateables 2017: Episode 4 Roundup (in which familiar faces make a return)

23 Jan 2017 ‐ Familiar faces continue their quest to find love...

The Undateables: What We Learnt About Love (VIDEO)

20 Jan 2017 ‐ Past contributors from the Channel 4 show share their heartwarming ideas about love and romance.

The Undateables: A Guide To Dating (VIDEO)

18 Jan 2017 ‐ Familiar faces from the Channel 4 series return to share what they've learned about successful dating...

The Undateables 2017: Episode 3 Roundup (in which we meet Lizzie, Jamie and Luke)

17 Jan 2017 ‐ Will three dates lead to lasting love for a new round of The Undateables?

The Undateables 2017: Episode 2 Roundup (in which we meet Eddie, Lily & Pani)

11 Jan 2017 ‐ Will a trip to a haunted house lead to everlasting love?

The Undateables 2017: Sam's best quotes

04 Jan 2017 ‐ The postman from Surrey stole the show with his contemplations on love...

The Undateables 2017: Episode 1 Roundup (in which we meet Sam, Ian & Kate)

03 Jan 2017 ‐ The heart-warming Channel 4 show is back with more hopefuls looking for love...

Never go to bed angry - the science behind the advice

28 Dec 2016 ‐ Scientists have discovered there's truth behind the age-old wisdom.

The ultimate date for big kids at heart?

20 Dec 2016 ‐ Love LEGO? Love fun dates? Then Leicester Square has a treat in store for you...


20 Dec 2016 ‐

5 things you didn't know about Love Actually

17 Dec 2016 ‐ It's Love Actually, but not as you know it...

Tom Hanks crashes a wedding!

15 Dec 2016 ‐ No, it's not the plot of the star's next Hollywood movie...

The great lovers series: Michelle & Barrack Obama

13 Dec 2016 ‐ The outgoing President and his First Lady have given us all relationship goals...

VIDEO: Bride walks down the aisle after spending years paralysed

30 Nov 2016 ‐ The power of love sees this wheelchair-bound bride walk down the aisle...

First date disasters: how to fix a bad first impression

25 Nov 2016 ‐ Nobody has a 100% success rate where first impressions are concerned...

The great lovers series: Pablo Picasso & Dora Maar

22 Nov 2016 ‐ This turbulent love affair produced some of the world's most famous paintings...

VIDEO: 100 years of wedding cakes in under three minutes

19 Nov 2016 ‐ Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to eat lots and lots of cake...

Quiz: Which type of flirt are you?

16 Nov 2016 ‐ Scientists say there are five types of flirt. Take our quiz and find out which you are...

A homeless man marries the woman he donated money to in her hour of need

31 Oct 2016 ‐ There are an infinite number of ways to begin a love story…

Dating milestones: Choosing your song

24 Oct 2016 ‐ What's that special song you and your lover share? Six couples reveal theirs...

The woman who wants to get the world writing more love letters

17 Oct 2016 ‐ Letter enthusiast Hannah Brencher wants to get the world writing more love letters - to complete strangers.

The great lovers series: Marc Antony & Cleopatra

10 Oct 2016 ‐ In this edition of our great lovers series we present 10 facts about one of the most famous couples in history.

Best Halloween costume ides for couples: celebrity inspiration

01 Oct 2016 ‐ Ideas for Halloween costumes for couples who take fancy dress seriously...

Cooking for your new date? Get some inspiration for easy dishes that guarantee to impress

26 Sep 2016 ‐ Our favourite new cookery website is perfect for impressing your new date...

A very long engagement – couple marry, 70 years after first planning to marry

19 Sep 2016 ‐

Newlyweds forgo wedding gifts, asking guests for random acts of kindness

12 Sep 2016 ‐ Out with the toasters, in with the good deeds.

Do these exercises every day and instantly feel happier

05 Sep 2016 ‐ If you're unhappily single you need to work on yourself first, but how do you make yourself happy?

Do you have a 'growth' or 'fixed' mindset? The answer could explain your relationship history

01 Sep 2016 ‐ The answer will depend on your ability to move on after a relationship ends...

Proposing marriage in a London restaurant – top three must dos

29 Aug 2016 ‐

Beauty is only skin deep: Woman gives Internet trolls a lesson in true love

22 Aug 2016 ‐ "I think I've won the jackpot!" Those are the words of a young woman who hit back at Internet trolls who made cruel jokes about her boyfriend's appearance.

VIDEO: A couple get married - and the groom just can't keep it together!

15 Aug 2016 ‐ A 25-year-old Londoner loses the plot when his wife-to-be enters the church...

Kristen Bell got married - and it might just be the most low-key wedding ever

08 Aug 2016 ‐ The actress marries in black at a wedding cost just $142!

London away days: 5 ideas for dates within one hour of the capital

01 Aug 2016 ‐ From lavender farms to sandy beaches, romantic bliss lies within 60 minutes of the Big Smoke.

First date deal breakers: ladies of the Internet speak out!

29 Jul 2016 ‐ Fellas, if you've ever wondered why you never made it to date two, it might be because you committed one of these crimes against romance...

Surviving your first weekend away as a couple

22 Jul 2016 ‐ Taking a trip together is an important milestone... follow our guide to making it a success.

The 36 questions that can lead to lasting love

15 Jul 2016 ‐ If your first dates are characterised by polite chit-chat, you might be limiting your chances of falling in love.

The bride who swapped her wedding day for a life on the road

09 Jul 2016 ‐ When travel obsessed Tessa Juliette realised how much a wedding would cost, she hit the road...

Celebrating Independence Day: 15 quotes on love from the United States

03 Jul 2016 ‐ The 4th of July might be all about independence, but these utterances by famous Americans celebrate coupledom in all its glory.

Open all hours: London hot spots for 24-hour dates

30 Jun 2016 ‐ For the date that goes on and on, our favourite open-all-hours places to eat in the capital.

Something old? The bride who wore her great great grandmother's wedding dress

27 Jun 2016 ‐ This bride became the 11th member of her family to wear the 120-year-old heirloom.

New video series reveals dating advice from kids

23 Jun 2016 ‐ Kids share their advice on approaching someone in a bar, and whether to text or call to ask out a date.

Marry a brainy woman; live a longer, healthier life!

20 Jun 2016 ‐ Fellas, choose a smart bride if you want to stay fit!

Watch what happens to a man's heart rate as he proposes to his lover

15 Jun 2016 ‐ It's the most nerve-wracking thing a person can do - and here's the evidence to prove it.

Husband receives a 50-year-old love note from his beloved late wife

07 Jun 2016 ‐ The writing was on the wall for this amazing couple...

100 years of engagement rings in under 3 minutes - VIDEO

02 Jun 2016 ‐ The Flame Introductions team is all in a swoon over these gorgeous rocks...

This couple are so in love they don't notice they're in an armed robbery

29 May 2016 ‐ A Montana pair are so loved up they fail to notice they're in grave danger...

Would you get naked on a first date?

26 May 2016 ‐ Are you going to be first in the queue at London's first naked restaurant?

Pictures of wartime romance that will make your heart melt

17 May 2016 ‐ These loved-up couples had no idea if they'd ever be reunited...

Is this the one thing you should never talk about on a first date?

30 Apr 2016 ‐ The stomach-churning first date is an opportunity to get to know what makes someone tick. But should we steer clear of what makes them vote?

Love at first sight: Is it real?

25 Apr 2016 ‐ Is it really possible to meet someone's eyes across a crowded room and know they're "the one"?

Deaf woman receives marriage proposal seconds after hearing for the first time

18 Apr 2016 ‐ Could someone pass a hanky please - there's some serious eye leakage going down at Flame Introductions headquarters.

London's perfect date location for chocolate lovers

11 Apr 2016 ‐ The capital's off-the-beaten-track chocolate shop has everything a sweet-toothed pairing could want from a date.

Kissing: why do we do it with our eyes closed?

04 Apr 2016 ‐ Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. How many of us are aware of what our senses are picking up moment to moment?

The tunnel of love? 5 facts about romance on London's Underground

25 Mar 2016 ‐ It's been moving Londoners from A to B for over 150 years, but some lucky commuters got more than they bargained for...

Science proves women don't prefer bad boys

18 Mar 2016 ‐ Women love a bad boy, or so the old adage goes. But is there any truth in the ‘nice guys finish last’ theory?

Women reveal their single most romantic moments ever

11 Mar 2016 ‐ The romantic memories that proves the little things win hands down in the romantic stakes...

America's longest married couple want you to know this about relationships

04 Mar 2016 ‐ With a combined age of 204 they know a thing or two about love, and they're ready to share it with you...

Courage: Quotes to inspire the brave in their quest for love

29 Feb 2016 ‐

Understanding your brain after a relationship ends

20 Feb 2016 ‐ A leading anthropologist explains what's happening inside the minds of those who've recently split up.

Most unusual marriage proposals of all time

06 Feb 2016 ‐ Thinking of proposing this Valentine's? Take inspiration from these creative thinkers who made going down on one knee into an art form.

In pictures: Adorable comic reminds us that true love is in the little things

06 Feb 2016 ‐ Love is...stealing your boyfriend's best T-shirt and wearing it to bed. So says a cute overload comic book.

The most romantic alternatives to St Valentine's Day from around the world

06 Feb 2016 ‐ The mysterious Saint Valentine didn't have the monopoly on romantic love...

4 theories on the origin of the love heart

06 Feb 2016 ‐ Ever wondered why the love heart is shaped the way it is and how it came to represent romance the world over?

5 times we fell in love while watching The Undateables

05 Feb 2016 ‐ What a series it was! With so many highlights we've had a hard time narrowing it down to our top five...

The Undateables 2016: Episode 5 Roundup (in which there are wedding bells for some familiar faces)

02 Feb 2016 ‐ Channel 4 saves the best 'til last with the final in this series of The Undateables...

The Undateables 2016: Episode 4 Roundup (in which we catch up with Alex, Ray, Brent & Sam)

26 Jan 2016 ‐ Grab your passport! The Undateables goes on a holiday romance with some familiar faces from the past.

Top 10 quotes from The Undateables series 5 2016

23 Jan 2016 ‐ What a series it was! We look back at some of the funniest and most touching one-liners from the 2016 series of Channel 4's acclaimed documentary, The Undateables.

Watch out Tom Morgan: There's a new heartthrob in town!

19 Jan 2016 ‐ Rugby playing Tourette's sufferer Tom Morgan isn't the only heartthrob to emerge from series five of Channel 4's The Undateables...

The Undateables 2016: Episode 3 Roundup (in which we meet George, David and Bethany)

19 Jan 2016 ‐ The latest episode of the Channel 4 documentary pulls on our heartstrings as it introduces us to three more hopefuls looking for love.

Tom from The Undateables 2016: what happened after the show

09 Jan 2016 ‐ We at Flame Introductions are keeping our fingers crossed for Tom, the Welsh rugby player who has become something of a legend since appearing on The Undateables.

World's most creative couple show us long distance love CAN work...

05 Jan 2016 ‐ Separated by continents, this young couple remain close in the most awe-inspiring way imaginable...

The Undateables 2016: Episode 2 Roundup (in which we meet Lucas, James and Tom)

05 Jan 2016 ‐ The second episode of series five of The Undateables pulls on our heartstrings as we follow three more hopefuls looking for love.

The Undateables 2016: Episode 1 Roundup (in which we meet James, Tammy and Tom)

04 Jan 2016 ‐ In the first episode of the all-new The Undateables, we met Tom, James and Tammy in their quests to find love, and our very own Christine, founder of Flame Introductions made an appearance...

The Undateable 2016: Episode 1 Roundup (XXX)

04 Jan 2016 ‐

The Undateables is back for series 5 in 2016!

04 Jan 2016 ‐ The acclaimed Channel 4 show The Undateables featuring Flame Introductions' founder Christine is back for 2016!

In pictures: Adorable comic reminds us that love is in the little things

02 Jan 2016 ‐ x

The $31 million wedding versus the one where the photographer was a dog!

30 Dec 2015 ‐ How saving cash on a photographer was the best move this couple could have made…

Overcoming rejection: what you can learn from science

23 Dec 2015 ‐ Neuroscientists uncover why rejection hurts so much - and what you can do to get beyond the painful zone.

History’s most powerful love letters

18 Dec 2015 ‐ The most achingly beautiful love notes ever written...

So...have you met anyone nice recently?

16 Dec 2015 ‐ The question every singleton dreads hearing ... and how to answer it.

Should I buy a Christmas gift for someone I’ve just started dating?

15 Dec 2015 ‐ To gift or not to gift? That is the question. Flame Dating’s guide to Christmas gift etiquette for new daters.

Country-style London pubs for cosy Christmas dates

15 Dec 2015 ‐ Cotswolds inns don’t have the monopoly on cosiness; London pubs are perfect for festive dates…

London by candlelight – keep the flame alive this Christmas with the city’s best candlelit locations for romantic dates

14 Dec 2015 ‐ Whether you’re a few dates in or long-term lovers, there’s nothing like candlelight to add a flicker of romance to your evening together.

London’s best cocktail and wine bars for discerning festive daters

13 Dec 2015 ‐ London’s bursting with cocktail and wine bars – ranging from the classic to the trendy, buzzy to the intimate – that are guaranteed to make for a memorable Christmas date.

Heal yourself with a walk in the woods

30 Nov 2015 ‐ Someone told you to “take a hike”? Following their advice literally might be the route to mending a fractured heart.

Scientists analyse your ‘relationship graph’ to discover its marriage potential

27 Nov 2015 ‐ Which one of four relationship categories you slot into could determine its chance of success in the long-term…

Couple marries 17 years after first walking up the aisle

25 Nov 2015 ‐ After a long-term crush, this little flower girl finally gets her ring bearer…

The first thing I thought when I met my spouse

23 Nov 2015 ‐ Hilarious forum chat reveals that – thankfully – first impressions don’t always count…

Shoppers get free dating advice while doing their weekly shop

22 Nov 2015 ‐ Obvious Plant strikes again, this time with hilarious advice for love-seekers…

Top 7 tips: dating again after being a long-term single

13 Nov 2015 ‐ The best advice from the Internet on summoning up the courage to throw yourself back into the dating pool…

Two traits that successful relationships share according to science

12 Nov 2015 ‐ Scientists can predict with 94% certainty if your relationship will succeed, and it’s all down to these two human characteristics…

A story of true love conquering all

08 Nov 2015 ‐ A Pennsylvania couple defy all odds to live happily ever after…

A century of bridal fashion in three minutes

06 Nov 2015 ‐ Love is always in fashion as we take a whistle-stop tour of bridal fashion 1915-2015…

Test 2 8

06 Nov 2015 ‐

Test Post

06 Nov 2015 ‐

Dating tips straight out of 1938

04 Nov 2015 ‐ Never look bored and don’t smudge his handkerchief – advice for the 1930s lady looking for love!

Welsh man is contender for world’s least romantic gent!

21 Oct 2015 ‐ South Walian won't be winning any prizes for romance any time soon...

“If he’s nice to you, you should marry him!”

12 Oct 2015 ‐ This is what happens when five year olds become dating gurus!

Laugh and your partner laughs with you

07 Oct 2015 ‐ Could a proper giggle be the secret to lasting love?


03 Oct 2015 ‐ x

A wedding with bells on for autistic couple

26 Sep 2015 ‐ This beautiful love story proves that everyone should have the opportunity to find love.

Steve's Test

25 Sep 2015 ‐


24 Sep 2015 ‐ x

The best wedding crashers of all time

24 Sep 2015 ‐ When pop stars show up on your big day…

With this suit… I thee wed

20 Sep 2015 ‐ Imaginative groom gets ultra creative with his wedding attire – and we love him for it.

Gentleman’s proposal is a fairy-tale romance – literally!

09 Sep 2015 ‐ Once upon a time… will you marry me?

Blue sky thinking date ideas – by the couples who swear by them

01 Sep 2015 ‐ The Internet responds to the question: what’s the most fun date ever?


25 Aug 2015 ‐

Orkney Islanders to the rescue in the case of the missing wedding dress!

25 Aug 2015 ‐ A US bride has an entire Scottish community to thank for her ‘something borrowed’…

Test Post

21 Aug 2015 ‐

Hollywood’s golden couple calls it a day (sob)

21 Aug 2015 ‐ Making us wonder, can any love go the distance?

This has to be the best wedding photograph ever

14 Aug 2015 ‐ But what on earth is going on in it?

Is 37% the magic number when it comes to matters of the heart?

04 Aug 2015 ‐ Is true love a simple matter of mathematics..?

Matchmaking: why it’s best left to the professionals

27 Jul 2015 ‐ Set friends up on blind dates at your peril…

The Way We Met Instagram feed celebrates love found in chance encounters

20 Jul 2015 ‐ From dog walking to departure lounge lingering, the many, many ways you can chance upon everlasting love…

10 facts about smooching to celebrate International Kissing Day

15 Jul 2015 ‐ Pucker up with these lip-smacking quotes about snogging…

The Way We Met Instagram feed celebrates love found in chance encounters

09 Jul 2015 ‐ From dog walking to departure lounge lingering, the many, many ways you can chance upon everlasting love…

Long distance relationships: how to make them work

05 Jul 2015 ‐ Love conquers all, so what’s a little bit of geography?

Surprise 57th anniversary goes viral…brings tears to our eyes!

29 Jun 2015 ‐ Hankies at the ready for this beautiful tale of true love…

London and UK: most romantic movies for summer 2015 outdoor cinema dates

17 Jun 2015 ‐ Come rain or shine, the capital’s outdoor screens are primed for summer nights straight out of Hollywood…

Kissing: what’s all the fuss about?

10 Jun 2015 ‐ Is a passionate kiss merely a symptom of love and romance or is there something else behind our love of snogging?

“You can’t hurry love” – says the world’s oldest groom!

05 Jun 2015 ‐ Love can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime…and here’s the proof…

London’s secret gardens for lovers

03 Jun 2015 ‐ Clandestine green spaces for discerning city daters.

How modest are you?

31 May 2015 ‐ A new study says modesty might be the key to a long and happy romantic relationship.


21 May 2015 ‐ x

Soldier’s love letter to his sweetheart reveals a tale of true romance

20 May 2015 ‐ WARNING: The following story has been found to cause significant leakage from the tear ducts.

Listen up: music makes you fall in love!

15 May 2015 ‐ If you’re looking for love, you’d better make sure your iPod is in tiptop shape.

Channel your inner Wonder Woman for first date success!

13 May 2015 ‐ Want to know who never gets nervous on first dates? Wonder Woman, that’s who!

London: Best date venues for adrenaline junkies

15 Apr 2015 ‐ Sometimes another coffee shop or wine bar just won’t cut it…

Secrets of the world’s longest married couples

15 Apr 2015 ‐ Frank relationship advice from the couples who’ve been there, done that, and loved to tell the tale…

How to: meet your date’s friends for the first time

15 Apr 2015 ‐ If those butterflies in your tummy are threatening to impact that all-important first impression, fear not. Here’s our advice for coming out smiling.

Date locations straight out of a London movie

15 Apr 2015 ‐ Real love’s not like it is in the films, but that doesn’t mean your date venues can’t be…

How to make better relationship choices

13 Apr 2015 ‐ Are you stuck in a love rut with only rose-tinted glasses for company?

5 things successful daters always do

31 Mar 2015 ‐ Want to know how to be good at dating? Who better to tell you than those who’ve successfully transitioned from blind date to true love?

Spring fever: overcoming fear to find love this season

25 Mar 2015 ‐ “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love,” said poet Tennyson, but what if you're feeling the fear about opening yourself up?

Falling in love: A chemistry lesson!

16 Mar 2015 ‐ We all want dates where something 'clicks' but what's the science behind instant attraction?

Wedding dresses and the changing face of love in the 21st century

12 Mar 2015 ‐ Is the nation's obsession with wedding dresses purely about fancy frocks? Or is there something deeper and more meaningful going on?

Three little words

09 Mar 2015 ‐ I love you. You're my everything.

Inspiration for women planning to pop the big question…

28 Feb 2015 ‐ More women think about proposing on 29th February than you’d think, but if you want your big day and there’s no leap year looming, why wait?

Joining Flame Introductions – a guide to getting started

13 Feb 2015 ‐ Viewers of The Undateables on Channel 4 often contact us with questions about the process of someone with disabilities becoming our client.

Valentine’s Day views: Fall in love with the London skyline this February

10 Feb 2015 ‐ Create an enchanting Valentine’s evening with an ear-popping trip up to the city’s best vantage points.

Best Indie love song lyrics for Valentine’s Day messages

10 Feb 2015 ‐ Go easy on the cheese and plump for Valentine’s card messages that’ll satisfy the hipster in your life…

Will the real Saint Valentine please stand up?

04 Feb 2015 ‐ A dozen - not always rosy - facts you didn’t know about the man whose life we celebrate on 14th February.

Best Valentine's Day quotes

02 Feb 2015 ‐ Wow your Valentine with one of these lovely 'straight from the heart' quotes.

Sir Richard Branson watched ‘The Undateables’!

19 Jan 2015 ‐ Sir Richard Branson reveals he's a fan of Channel 4's The Undateables - and one particular contributor is a good friend of his...

Country-style London pubs for cosy dates

06 Jan 2015 ‐ Cotswolds inns don’t have the monopoly on cosiness; London pubs are perfect for Valentine's Day dates…

6 Ways to have better phone conversations

05 Jan 2015 ‐ Picking up the phone can strike fear into the hearts of the bravest souls, but with a little coaching we can all become expert phone talkers…

5 dating tips for introverts

05 Jan 2015 ‐ Being shy needn’t stop you from shining on a first date…

London’s best coffee venues for informal first dates

05 Jan 2015 ‐ Looking for a relaxed venue for your early meet-ups? Check out Flame Introduction’s roundup of the capital’s cosiest and coolest coffee shops (and the tea’s not bad either)…

The psychology of colour for lovers

05 Jan 2015 ‐ If you've ever been in love you’ll know that relationships aren't black and white…

What are the best questions to ask on a first date?

28 Dec 2014 ‐ ​We've scoured the Internet for some of the best, funniest and even downright bizarre suggestions for first date conversation starters.

The lost art of writing love letters

18 Dec 2014 ‐ Nothing says "I love you" like a good old-fashioned love letter, and nobody does a love letter like some of these classic romantics…


15 Dec 2014 ‐

No strings attached? What women really a man who plays guitar?

11 Dec 2014 ‐ Men who can play music are 90% more attractive to the opposite sex, says a new survey.

Our favourite engagement and wedding announcements of all time

05 Dec 2014 ‐ Geri and Benedict took the traditional routes, but here at Flame dating we also love seeing engagements announced in quirkier ways.

Best London dates for getting in the Christmas spirit

04 Dec 2014 ‐ The Flame dating guide to festive fun in London, for couples of all ages.


04 Dec 2014 ‐ The Flame dating guide to festive fun in London, for couples of all ages.


04 Dec 2014 ‐ test

Pic test

01 Dec 2014 ‐ pic test

Picture test

01 Dec 2014 ‐ test

Our favourite engagement and wedding announcements of all time

27 Nov 2014 ‐ While we’re big fans of traditional romance, here at Flame Introductions we also love seeing engagements announced in creative ways.

Music playlist: Songs scientifically proven to make you feel more confident for a first date

27 Nov 2014 ‐ Psychologists agree that certain tempos, bass beats, keys and lyrics can have a massive impact on your mood.

When Dec met Ali (or why the best loves are often slow burners…)

27 Nov 2014 ‐ Whirlwind romances don't have the monopoly on true love - sometimes the best relationships are the ones that need time to develop.

What to expect from your introductory session with dating agency, Flame Introductions

26 Nov 2014 ‐ We work hard to make that first meeting with us as comfortable as possible. We’ve put together a few pointers for what to expect from your appointment.

Sparkle on your first date

02 Nov 2014 ‐ First date nerves can ruin a date. Read how Flame can create sparks...

Ways to Find Love

23 Sep 2014 ‐ We’ve all been in this situation. Flame are here to help.

Disabled people finding love

23 Sep 2014 ‐ Just because you have the same disability, doesn’t mean you’ll be the perfect match

Tips For Dating

08 Sep 2014 ‐ Advice from dating professionals, excellent dating tips that work and will make you and potential partner feel at ease.


17 Aug 2014 ‐ Sara, 30, from East Grinstead, is a Window Dresser. She had been in a relationship for eight years before she suddenly found herself single. After joining Flame Introductions, Sara met Luigi and they hit it off from the start. They have now been together for four months. Ben, 29, from Horsham, has mild cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. He works full-time, has many friends and is close to his family. But he has always wanted to be in a loving relationship. He signed up to Flame Introductions' matchmaking service and met Jade - she has mild learning difficulties and also works full-time. They got on like a house on fire and are planning their first Christmas together. Please send a membership enquiry form or ring us if you would like to find your ideal partner and live in or around the following areas: Brighton, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Lewes, Midhurst, Worthing. If your area isn't listed please get in touch - we are rapidly expanding around the UK.


17 Aug 2014 ‐ Julia, a 33-year-old Nursery School Teacher from Esher,thought it was worth giving Flame Introductions a try; she wasn‘t meeting anyone at work and most of her friends were in long term relationships. Eight months later she is with her ideal partner, Peter. Strangely they live only two streets away from one another, but until they signed up to our matchmaking service, they had never met before. Please send a membership enquiry form or ring us if you would like to find your ideal partner and live in or around the following areas: Cranleigh, Camberley, Cobham, Dorking, Egham, Esher, Farnham, Guildford, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Leatherhead, Reigate, Richmond-Upon-Thames, Weybridge, Woking. If your area isn't listed please get in touch - we are rapidly expanding around the UK.


17 Aug 2014 ‐ Paul, 39, from Henley-on-Thames, has a young daughter from a previous relationship. Through our personal introductions service her met Kat, who adores his little girl and the three of them are busy making plans for the future. Please send a membership enquiry form or ring us if you would like to find your ideal partner and live in or around the Oxfordshire area: Abingdon, Henley-on-Thames, Oxford, Wallingford. If your area isn't listed please get in touch - we are rapidly expanding around the UK.


17 Aug 2014 ‐ Carla, 31, from Staines, works in IT. She said she was putting too many hours into work and needed to "get a life". A colleague recommended she join our personal introductions agency and she picked up the phone to Flame. After three dates with potential matches she met Alan, who also works in IT. They‘ve just returned from a weekend break together and are planning a three weeks holiday in late September. Please send a membership enquiry form or ring us if you would like to find your ideal partner and live in or around the following areas: Ashford, Enfield, Feltham, Hampton, Harrow, Hounslow, Shepperton, Staines, Sunbury, Teddington, Twickenham, and Uxbridge. If your area isn't listed please get in touch - we are rapidly expanding around the UK.


17 Aug 2014 ‐ Rupert, 33, from London is a Sales Executive. He met Roni within six weeks of joining Flame Introductions. Rupert and Roni are planning a three month trip to Costa Rica. Please send a membership enquiry form or ring us if you would like to find your ideal partner and live in or around the London area.


17 Aug 2014 ‐ Iain, 45, from Seven Oaks, works in IT. He joined Flame Introductions and six months later found himself in a loving relationship with Maddy, with whom he is planning to live with. Sean, 33, is a Draughtsman from Maidstone. Sean had been in a longterm relationship which ended, and after two years living the single life he signed up to our matchmaking service. We introduced him to Sally from London and the distance proved no object - they are making wedding plans. Please send a membership enquiry form or ring us if you would like to find your ideal partner and live in or around the following areas: Ashford, Maidstone, Seven Oaks, Royal Tunbridge Wells. If your area isn't listed please get in touch - we are rapidly expanding around the UK.


17 Aug 2014 ‐ Darren, 38, from Rickmansworth is a Hairdresser. He was looking for a permanent relationship and booked a consultation with Flame Introductions. We matched him with Debbie, also a hairdresser, who said it was "Fun at first sight". Their first date could have been a catastrophe; after Debbie‘s car broke down she thought she‘d try to fix it herself and subsequently turned up half an hour late and covered in oil! Meanwhile Darren arrived with a rip in his trousers - he fell while running for his train! Luckily, Flame Introductions' matchmaking service had highlighted a shared sense of humour and the evening went from a shaky start to true love match! Colm, 31, from Watford, has his own plumbing and decorating business. Although holidaying with his mates was fun, he was looking for someone to spend his life with. Shortly after putting in a call to Flame Introductions, he was matched with Lucy, who he describes as the love of his life! Please send a membership enquiry form or ring us if you would like to find your ideal partner and live in or around the following areas: Hemel Hempstead, Potters Bar, Rickmansworth, St Albans, Watford. If your area isn't listed please get in touch - we are rapidly expanding around the UK.


17 Aug 2014 ‐ Sophie, 36, from Basingstoke, is a Travel Consultant. Her mum decided she‘d waited too long to be a grandmother and contacted us to make an appointment for her daughter. Sophie is now in a relationship with Thomas, who she met through our matchmaking service. Sophie says: "I‘m so happy, thank goodness for my ‘pushy’ mum." Please send a membership enquiry form or ring us if you would like to find your ideal partner and live in or around the following areas: Aldershot, Basingstoke, Farnborough, Fleet, Hook, Odiham, Winchester. If your area isn't listed please get in touch - we are rapidly expanding around the UK.


17 Aug 2014 ‐ Michelle, 35, from High Wycombe, is an Accountant. She had tried online dating without success and decided it was time to join a Personal Introduction Agency. She signed up with Flame Introductions and met Nick, a Personal Trainer. They have now been together for almost nine months. Please send a membership enquiry form or ring us if you would like to find your ideal partner and live in or around the following areas: Amersham, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Leighton Buzzard. If your area isn't listed please get in touch - we are rapidly expanding around the UK.


17 Aug 2014 ‐ Please send a membership enquiry form or ring us if you would like to find your ideal partner and live in or around the following areas: Ascot, Binfield, Bracknell, Bray, Datchet, Earley, Eton, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Sunningdale, Sunninghill, Warfield, Windsor, Winnersh, Wokingham. If your area isn't listed please get in touch - we are rapidly expanding around the UK.

Membership Page

17 Aug 2014 ‐ Either complete enquiry form and we will get back to you, or ring us for more information and to book an appointment. We will write your profile for you and this is then approved by you before being shown to any potential matches. There is no limit to the amount of introductions you can receive; an introduction is when both parties wish to make contact. We are expert, confidential and discreet matchmakers, not an online dating platform; your profile will not appear on the internet. Phone numbers are only exchanged when two parties wish to make contact.

About Page

17 Aug 2014 ‐ We are a Personal Introductions Agency of expert matchmakers with our head office in Richmond, from which we cover London and the whole of the UK. We have three divisions: Personal Introductions (matchmaking for traditional couples); Disabled Dating (specialised matchmaking for the mildly disabled) and Bespoke (Tori James, our sister company).

Disabled Page

17 Aug 2014 ‐ WE ARE OFFERING AN AMAZING REDUCTION FOR LADIES BETWEEN 18-32 YEARS CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION. Regular Package £475 for 12 months membership • When you meet someone you like, your membership can be put on 'hold'; this facility is available for a maximum of 4 months. If you wish to become active again, all on 'hold' time will be added to your membership. • Unlimited introductions. Deluxe Package £750 for 15 months membership. There are many benefits with the Deluxe Package: • Your membership will not start ticking down until you have received your first introduction; an introduction is when both parties want to make contact. • Unlimited selections from Deluxe and Regular packages. • You will receive full support from our experienced team of consultants. Flame Introductions has been one of the matchmaking agencies for ten series of Channel 4's 'The Undateables' and we are now being labelled 'The Love Doctors'! • You are guaranteed a minimum of four Introductions during your membership term; if this is not achieved then you will stay on – free of charge – until you have received this amount. • Unlimited introductions during the membership term. • When you meet someone you like, your membership can be put on 'hold'; this facility is available for a maximum of 9 months. If you wish to become active again, all on 'hold' time will be added to your membership. • We offer dating counseling and love advice from our experienced consultants.

Traditional Page

17 Aug 2014 ‐ Membership is £750 for 12 months. • Unlimited profile selections. • Guaranteed four introductions during membership year, if this is not achieved you will stay on - free of charge – until you have received four matches. • Unlimited introductions during the membership term. • When you meet someone you like, your membership can be put on 'hold'; this facility is available for a maximum of 6 months. If you wish to become active again, all 'on hold' time will be added to your membership. • We offer dating counseling and love advice from our experienced consultants. • You will receive full support from our experienced team of consultants. Flame Introductions has been the core matchmaking agency for ten series of Channel 4's 'The Undateables' and we are now being labelled 'The Love Doctors'!

Dating For Disabled

24 Jul 2014 ‐ Here are the results of some questions we recently put to a young autistic lady from London. Have a look at the responses to the questions we posed here.

Dating And Disability

16 Jul 2014 ‐ Flame Introductions will always go that little bit further for their clients and we fully understand the turmoil of the dating world, disabled or not. Trust us to do our utmost to find your ideal partner today.

Flame Dating At The Autism Show

21 Jun 2014 ‐ We were so proud to be able to attend this show at London's Excel. We met some lovely people and made some great friends, have a read here of what we got up to here and take a look at our stall too.

Disabled Dating Service

02 Jun 2014 ‐ Some insight into our ethos here at Flame Introductions.

Flame Introductions Same Sex Division

02 Jun 2014 ‐ Take a look at our first blog post for the same sex division offered from Flame Introductions.

London Autism Show

06 May 2014 ‐ We'll be taking part in this years autism show at London's excel centre. Find out more by clicking on the link below and come and say hello to us at the show.

Top 3 Spring Proposal Spots

26 Feb 2014 ‐ Marriage proposals should not be taken likely as thoughts of marriage can sometimes overtake the element of the proposal itself. Have a look at some top tips for a Marriage proposal in Spring.

5 Most Romantic Castles

23 Feb 2014 ‐ Why not do something a little different this year and visit a romantic castle. Quaint and idyllic countryside covers a lot of the UK so why not get out into it and stop off at one of the castles listed with your loved one.

The Magnetism Of Marilyn Monroe

16 Feb 2014 ‐ What was it about Marilyn and who her magnetism? Here we take a peek at the place she came from and the people she married.

Reasons For A Winter Wedding

25 Nov 2013 ‐ Not everyone is a sun worshipper and some among us crave for cool nights, with open log fire and big woolly hats. If that ain‘t reason enough for a winter wedding, then take a look at this blog for the top 5 reasons to have a wedding during the winter months.

Magical Treats For Christmas

23 Nov 2013 ‐ Newly dating couples or couples in established relationships can sometimes struggle to find inspiration when it comes to buying that extra special gift. Look here for inspiration when looking to make that purchase for your special partner.

World's Most Expensive Weddings

06 Nov 2013 ‐ Check out these pricey weddings, sure to make you feel better when it comes to pricing up the cost of your wedding. We are sure you will be astounded at just how much some people invest into their big day.

Romancing In Paris

04 Nov 2013 ‐ For the true romantics there is no other place to romance your partner that beats Paris. Dating couples can take there blossoming relationship to the next level in this beautiful City. Have a read of our blog post for more romantic ideas to do in Paris.

Waterloo Wedding, London Proposal

29 Oct 2013 ‐ Where is the strangest place you have proposed to your partner? Here is a blog about a young dating couple and a wedding proposal on Waterloo Bridge, London.

Four Ways To Propose

27 Oct 2013 ‐ Need some inspiration when it comes to popping the big question to your loved one? Then check out some of our sensational tips to make it that little bit easier.

Romantic Getaways

20 Oct 2013 ‐ Planning a romantic getaway for you and your loved one? Have a look at these great ideas for romantic breaks before you book anything. Some fantastic places here for dating couples that will bring more romance into your relationship.

Hollywood's Hottest Couples

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Single Parent Dating

14 Oct 2013 ‐ The dating scene in London can seem quite daunting if you are a single parent. This blog will help in getting you back into the London dating scene.

7 Best London Restaurants For Dates

10 Oct 2013 ‐ Take your date out to a fabulous restaurant in London for a real treat. Take a look at our favourite restaurants which we believe are ideal for first dates.

London Introductions Agencies

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Gay Dating In London

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Same Sex Relationships In London

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Brighton Gay Dating Agencies

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The Purpose Of Dating Agencies

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Personal Introductions

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Dating Agencies London

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London Dating Advice

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Personal Introduction Agencies London

29 Apr 2012 ‐ Personal Introduction services from one of the leading introductory agencies in London. Take a look at what we could do for you if you are looking for that ideal partner.

Introduction Agency

11 Apr 2012 ‐ Introduction services for people in London and the surrounding areas. We offer a complete service, check out this post and get on your way to finding your ideal partner.

The Couple That Argues Stay Together

01 Feb 2012 ‐ Research done by some paper has revealed that arguing couples stay together, will take a look at our spin on this theory.

David Bowie

08 Jan 2012 ‐ A day of celebration for one of our much loved heroes, keep on rocking David!

New Face For Loved Up Hero

25 Nov 2011 ‐ We came across this story of a young man and thought we would share it with you all, a true tale of courage.

Ideal Partner

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Heidi Bares All

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Justin Bieber's Ferrari Crash

31 Aug 2011 ‐ Would you look after your Ferrari as well as Justin Beiber would?

George Is Single

27 Jun 2011 ‐ Like the title says, he is single so what can all us ladies do?

Can You Believe They Dated

27 Jun 2011 ‐ Dating couples come in all shapes and sizes, who should be dating and who should not and do we really have a right to say.


22 Jun 2011 ‐ It is that time of year again and do not worry it need not all be about the single matches.

Beautifully Turned Out

16 Jun 2011 ‐ Ascot day and we all look great for the big race day.